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D. Thibaut, L. Debussche, F. Blanche, F. J. Leeper and A. R. Battersby
"Biosynthesis of Vitamin B12: The Structure of Precorrin-6x Octamethyl Ester"
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA,1990, 87, 8800-8804. Full Text

13C-labeled precorrin-6x is biosynthesized by cell-free protein preparations from Pseudomonas denitrificans in separate experiments using 5-amino[5-13C]levulinic acid and the corresponding 5-amino[4-13C]- and 5-amino[3-13Clevulinic acid-labeled forms in conjunction with S-[methyl-13C]adenosylmethionine for the latter two experiments. These labeled precorrin-6x samples, as their octamethyl esters, are studied by a range of NMR techniques. In addition, nuclear Overhauser effect difference measurements are made on unlabeled precorrin-6x ester to determine connectivities. The structure 6a so established for precorrin-6x ester (i) confirms the results reported in the preceding paper that precorrin-6x has a ring-contracted macrocycle, still carries the C-12 acetate residue, and stands at the oxidation level of a dehydrocorrin; (ii) reveals the unexpected methylation at C-11 not C-12, leading to a structure with separated chromophores; and (iii) implies that methyl migration from C-11 to C-12 occurs when precorrin-6x is converted into hydrogenobyrinic acid. Proposals for the biosynthesis ofthe corrin macrocycle of hydrogenobyrinic acid and vitamin B12 are made.

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