Leeper Group



Ph.D. Students

We welcome applications from prospective Ph.D. students to join the group. Most Ph.D. students start in October, which is the strongly preferred start date, but it is also possible to start in January or April. It is likely that one or two studentships will be available for Ph.D. students from the U.K. or an E.U. country to join the group in October 2014. However applicants would be well advised to also apply for their own funding, either from the University of Cambridge or from other bodies.

To apply for admission as a Ph.D. student you need to complete the University's Graduate Scholarship and Admission Form (GradSAF). To apply for funding make sure that you tick the relevant funding box in the GradSAF Section B. The deadlines for applying for funding are: for U.S. students applying for a Gates Scholarship 15th October; for other non-E.U. students 3rd December; for U.K and E.U. students 10th January.

Post-doctoral Researchers

Currently there is no funding available to pay the salary of postdoctoral applicants. Enquiries from researchers who are willing to apply for their own funding (e.g. from an E.U. Marie Curie Fellowship) would be welcome.

Summer Students and Short Projects

All applicants need to have their own funding or be willing to apply for it. We are normally willing to accept one or two project students on ERASMUS or similar schemes.


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