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A. R. Battersby and F. J. Leeper
"Biosynthesis of the Pigments of Life: Mechanistic Studies on the conversion of Porphobilinogen into Uroporphyrinogen III"
Chem. Rev.,1990, 90, 1261-1274. Full Text

The tetrapyrrolic pigments of life include the hemes, chlorophylls, vitamin B12, and the light-harvesting bilins of algae. They are all derived from the same tetrapyrrolic macrocycle, uroporphyrinogen III (3), which is generally abbreviated uro’gen III (Scheme I). In this review we are concerned with the mechanistic aspects of the biosynthesis of uro’gen III from its monopyrrolic precursor, porphobilinogen (2, known as PBG), catalyzed by the enzymes PBG deaminase and uro’gen III synthase (or cosynthetase).

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