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B. Muller, A. N. Collins, M. K. Ellis, W. G. Whittingham, F. J. Leeper and A. R. Battersby
"Syntheses Relevant to Vitamin B12 Biosynthesis: The Glutamate Route to (-)-Ring-B Imide and Synthesis of the 2,7,12,20-Tetramethylisobacteriochlorin"
J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun.,1989, 1119-1122. Full Text

An enantioselective synthesis of (-)-ring-B imide (19) from inexpensive glutamic acid is described and the product is used for synthesis of the 2,7,12,20-tetramethylisobacteriochlorin (39) required for future transformation into later biosynthetic intermediates for vitamin B12.

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Department of Chemistry
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