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J. M. Bulsing, E. D. Laue, F. J. Leeper, J. Staunton, D. H. Davies, G. A. F. Ritchie, A. Davies, A. B. Davies and R. P. Mabelis
"Biosynthesis of the Polyketide Antibiotic ICI 139603 in Streptomyces longisporoflavus: Assignment of the 13C NMR by Two-Dimensional Methods and Determination of the Origin of the Carbon Atoms"
J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun.,1984, 1301-1302. Full Text

The carbon skeleton of the polyether antibiotic lCI139603 (1) is shown to consist of a polyketide chain, derived from seven acetate units and six propionate units, combined with a C2-unit of unknown origin.

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