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A. R. Battersby, M. H. Block, C. J. R. Fookes, P. J. Harrison, G. B. Henderson and F. J. Leeper
"Synthetic Studies Relevant to Biosynthetic Research on Vitamin B12, Part 10. Construction of the East and West Building Blocks for Synthesis of Isobacteriochlorins"
J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 1,1992, 2175-2188. Full Text

Studies with model compounds have led to the development of effective methods for (a) linking the pyrrolic rings to the reduced rings present in the isobacteriochlorin system and (b) for introducing the carbon at C-5 required to complete the macrocycle. In the course of this work, many new pyrrolic systems have been prepared and characterised.

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