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F. J. Leeper, G. Grue-Sorensen and I. D. Spenser
"Biosynthesis of the Quinolizidine Alkaloids. Incorporation of D1-Piperideine into Matrine"
Canad. J. Chem., 1981, 59, 106-115. Full Text

Label from [6-14C]-D1-piperideineis incorporated nonrandomly into the carbon skeleton of the quinolizidine alkaloid, matrine, in Sophora tetraptera and S. microphylla. The distribution of radioactivity was determined by a new chemical degradation sequence. On the basis of the results, one of two previously postulated biogenetic schemes must be discarded. A modified biogenetic scheme is presented which is consistent with the present results and also leads to the correct stereochemistry of matrine.

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