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Maxime Couturier, Hiral D. Bhalara, Rita E. Monson, George P. C. Salmond and Finian J. Leeper
"Revision in the first steps of the biosynthesis of the red antibiotic prodigiosin: use of a synthetic thioester to validate a new intermediate"
RSC Chem. Biol., 2021, 2 (2), 551-555. Full text

A biosynthetic pathway for the red-antibiotic, prodigiosin, was proposed over a decade ago but not all the suggested intermediates could be detected experimentally. Here we show that a thioester that was not originally included in the pathway is an intermediate. In addition, the enzyme PigE was originally described as a transaminase but we present evidence that it also catalyses the reduction of the thioester intermediate to its aldehyde substrate.

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Department of Chemistry
University of Cambridge