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Metabolic labelling of glycans using isonitrile sugars Shaun Stairs, Andre A. Neves, Henning Stöckmann, Yelena A. Wainman, Heather Ireland-Zecchini, Kevin M. Brindle, and Finian J. Leeper,
"Metabolic Glycan Imaging By Isonitrile-Tetrazine Click Chemistry"
ChemBioChem, 2013, 14 (9), 1063-1067. Full Text.

Seeing the sugar coating: N-Acetyl-glucosamine and mannosamine derivatives tagged with an isonitrile group are metabolically incorporated into cell-surface glycans and can be detected with a fluorescent tetrazine. This bio-orthogonal isonitrile–tetrazine ligation is also orthogonal to the commonly used azide-cyclooctyne ligation, and so will allow simultaneous detection of the incorporation of two different sugars.

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