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G. E. Evans, M. J. Garson, D. A. Griffin, F. J. Leeper and J. Staunton
"Biomimetic Syntheses of Phenols from Polyketones"
in Further Perspectives in Organic Chemistry, 1978, Elsevier, Amsterdam, p. 138. Full Text

Following speculation that many enzymes exercise control over polyketone cyclisations in vivo by converting a key carbonyl group to a cis-enol ether derivative, two novel biomimetic cyclisations are described. The first involves condensation of two C6 units derived from triacetic lactone to form an aryl pyrone related to aloenin. In the second a nathpopyrone of the rubrofusarin type is formed by condensation of an orsellinic acid derivative with the enol ether of triacetic lactone.

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