Andrew   Stirling
1751-1823 of Cadder and Drumpellier (bought 1781). Founded: 1/10/1792, Commission House of Stirling, Hunter & Co. London, which became Andrew Stirling & Co. when Mr D. Hunter left.
  Thomas Mayne   Willing
  Andrew   Stirling
1751-1823 of Cadder and Drumpellier (bought 1781). Founded: 1/10/1792, Commission House of Stirling, Hunter & Co. London, which became Andrew Stirling & Co. when Mr D. Hunter left.
  Charles, Sir   Stirling
1760-1833 Court-martialled for corruption.
  John   Johnston
1745-1828 orig. of Tobago & of Scarborough? Capt. 62nd Regiment Joined brother Hugh's business (Corn Merchant & Banker). Bought Danson Park, Kent from Sir John Boyd. Built c1766 for Sir John Boyd, is one of the finest Palladian Villas surviving in the south east. After a varied history, the house was near ruin by the 1950's. It was described by English heritage in
  Edward   Smyth
1768-1864 Had a command in the Light Cavalry at the storming of Seringapatam, Mysore, India in 1799. He fought in the Peninsular War in Spain 1802-1812 and reached the rank of Captain. Commander of Macclesfield squadron of Cheshire Yeomanry. Mayor of Macclesfield in 1816
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Anna Dorothea   Stirling
Jane   Nixon
Anna Dorothea   Stirling
Charlotte   Grote
1763-1825 2nd daughter
Anna   Smyth
Sarah   Pickford
1783-1864 of the Pickfords Removals family. Had fourteen children, six of whom were alive in 1860's.

John   Stirling
b. 7 OCT 1786
d. 18 DEC 1853 of Eldershaw & of Deanscourt, Cathedral Place, St Andrews
m. Elizabeth   Willing
b. 1796
d. 7 SEP 1874
Charles   Stirling
b. 30 SEP 1789
d. 25 AUG 1867 Partner in the firm of Stirling & Beckton of Manchester until end of 1834. Bought Muiravonside in Autumn 1835.
m. Charlotte Dorothea   Stirling
b. 1800
d. 25 JUN 1862
Hugh   Johnston
b. 16 MAR 1800
d. 18 AUG 1872 of Danson Park
m. Ann   Smyth
b. 1807
d. MAR 1886 After her husband died she lived at Hyde End, Brimpton, Berks with her son Edward.
Thomas Mayne   Stirling
b. 30 MAY 1824
d. 5 SEP 1893 Deanscourt, St Andrews 24th of Cadder and 3rd of Muiravonside. Educ. Madras Coll., St Andrew's. At ca. 14 joined the family business in Manchester. On 1/1/1857 became co-owner with Andrew Stirling. Closed business at end of 1865 due to effect of American Civil War. Joined a bank. 1869-1870 lived
m. Anna   Stirling
b. 3 JUN 1837 Muiravonside
d. 2 FEB 1926 138 Ashley Gdns, London 'Annie' as a child. Bur. in cathedral grounds, St Andrews
Rev. Hugh William (Hugo)   Johnston
b. 7 FEB 1837
d. 1 SEP 1918 .Rector of North Cray, Kent, Canon of Rochester
m. Catherine Pauline (Kate)   Luxford
b. 29 JUL 1840
d. 27 MAY 1908
wife &

John 1859-1859
John 1860-1905 25th of Cadder and 4th of Muiravonside. Buried in private cemetery at Muiravonside.
Charles 1862-1894 d. of Malta fever. Buried in cemetery in Malta. HMS Sans Pareil.
Walter 1863-1904 Emigrated to Canada 1894 or 84. Marriage was not legally recognised in Scotland owing to wife's 1st marr. being considered still subsisting. Military service: Black Watch.
Murray 1865-1883 bur. in Family burial place in grounds of Cathedral at St Andrews
Thomas Willing 1866-1930 Emigrated to BC in 1893 of Cadder and 5th of Muiravonside. Author of 'The Stirlings of Cadder & Drumpellier' stood as Liberal candidate for Okanagan iin the BC election of 1903 but lost by 552 to 725 to the Conservative.
Maud 1868-1910 bur. New Cemetery, west of St Andrews
Mary Dorathea 1871-1872 bur. Prestwich churchyard
Agnes Dorathea 1873-1876
Arthur William 1874-1880 bur. St Andrews
Edith 1876-
Hilda 1879-1939 Died of polyneuritis.
Francis Henry, Dr Stirling
b. 13 MAR 1870 Le Havre
d. 3 JUL 1931 Victoria, B.C.
Eye specialist
G2, ID=534

Other wives: Jessie Smith,
Marion Louisa (May) Johnston
b. 19 DEC 1871
d. 31 MAY 1931 Victoria BC
G2, ID=539
Hugh Arthur Charles 1869-1950
Katharine Margaret (Margie) 1870-1949
Edward Harold (Tig) 1876-1959
Marjorie Pauline (Marty)
b. 22 NOV 1899
d. 1977 Aug or Sept died of Stomach cancer
Charles Norman, Sir
b. 19 NOV 1901
d. APR 1986 28th of Cadder educ Wellington, and Corpus Christi Coll Oxford (MA 1965); British Ambassador to Chile and then Portugal then lived Alton then Farnham, Hants. Buried Farnham Cemetery.

Ann Moore
b. 9 JAN 1922
d. 8 FEB 2005 Cambridge
Hugh Ian Mayne (Bun)
b. 9 JUN 1906
d. 12 JUN 1954

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