John   Stirling
1640-1709 Burgess of Glasgow
  William   Ruthven of Torryburn   Thomas   Willing
1679-1759 other wife Ava Lowle? Or mother is Anne Lowle b. in Tockington, Gloucestershire.
  Joseph   Shippen
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Janet   Campbell
1649-1695 or d. 16/5/1691. or dau. of Charles Campbell of Ballochiel
  Anne   Harrison
Abigail   Grosse

Walter   Stirling
b. 25 JUN 1686
d. 13 OCT 1732 of Sherva, Fife (from his 2nd wife). Baillie in Glasgow.
m. Janet   Ruthven
b. 1697
d. 1721 of Torryburn, Scotland
Charles   Willing
b. 18 MAY 1710
d. 30 NOV 1754 of Philadelphia, Mayor 1748-9 & 1754 11 children in all
m. Anne "Nancy"   Shippen
b. 5 AUG 1710
d. 1791
Otto   Grote
b. 1663
m. Gesche   Mullershausen   m.  
Walter, Sir   Stirling
b. 7 MAY 1718 Sherva, Fife
d. 24 NOV 1786 Red Lion Square, London of Faskine
m. Dorothy   Willing
b. 3 AUG 1735 Philadelphia
d. 20 SEP 1782 Drumpellier
Andreas   Grote
b. 15 APR 1710 Bremen, Germany
d. 1788 London Settled in England about 1730, and in 1766 established the London banking house of Grote, Prescott & Co.
m. Mary Anne   Culverden
d. 30 APR 1787 Blackheath
wife &

Walter, Sir 1758-1832 ćin London. Deputy Lieutenant and High Sherriff of Kent. J.P. MP for Gatton, Surrey then St Ives, Cornwall. Created Baronet 15 Dec 1800
Edward Thomas 1761-
Anna Dorothea 1762-1830
Charles, Sir Stirling
b. 28 APR 1760 London
d. 7 NOV 1833 Woburn Farm, Chertsey
Vice Admiral Court-martialled for corruption.
G5, ID=1437
Charlotte Grote
b. 1763 London
d. 25 MAR 1825 Woburn Farm, Chertsey
2nd daughter
G5, ID=1438
b. 1790
d. 1790 Woburn Farm, Chertsey Woburn Farm, Chertsey
b. 1791 Woburn Farm, Chertsey Woburn Farm, Chertsey
d. 1791 Woburn Farm, Chertsey Woburn Farm, Chertsey
b. 4 JUN 1793 Marylebone, London
d. 20 JUN 1868 Buckridge House, Newton Abbot, Devon of Buckridge

Mary Elizabeth Harrison
b. 1815 Heathbank, Cheadle, Cheshire
d. 10 DEC 1863 Buckridge House, Newton Abbot, Devon dau. of Henry Harrison
b. 13 DEC 1794 Woburn Farm, Chertsey
d. 1830 unmarried, India Military Service
Walter Frederick
b. 7 MAY 1796 Woburn Farm, Chertsey Woburn Farm, Chertsey
d. 1834 unmarried, Woburn Farm, Chertsey unmarried, Woburn Farm, Chertsey
Joseph Francis
b. 29 JUN 1798 Woburn Farm, Chertsey, Surrey Woburn Farm, Chertsey, Surrey
d. 11 SEP 1860 Bath Bath

Mary Dormer Luard
b. 23 JUL 1825
d. 21 JUN 1890 Sydney Place, Bath Sydney Place, Bath dau. of Dr Peter Francis Luard
Charlotte Dorothea
b. 1800 Wickham, Hampshire
d. 25 JUN 1862 Muiravonside

Charles Stirling
b. 30 SEP 1789 Drumpellier
d. 25 AUG 1867 Muiravonside Partner in the firm of Stirling & Beckton of Manchester until end of 1834. Bought Muiravonside in Autumn 1835.
George William
b. 13 AUG 1803 Droxford, Hampshire Droxford, Hampshire
d. 1804 Wickham, Hampshire Wickham, Hampshire

    Mary Charlotte 1834-22 MAR 1860
Charles Henry 25 OCT 1836-JAN 1870 died at sea with wife and two children on S.S. 'City of Boston'
Emily Rose 1838-
Ellen Augusta 1840-AFT 1881
Arthur Frederick Gresley 18 OCT 1846-AFT 1881
Agnes Laura Grace 1857-AFT 1881
    Frances Charlotte 27 OCT 1849-1855
Walter Frederick 20 NOV 1851- gave away his niece Ethel in 1915, Savoy Chapel.
Anna Mary 1853-
Charles James Robert 17 DEC 1857-5 MAR 1945 'Jim'. 85th K.L.I. (Shropshires). Lived in Cheltenham & worked for Aver Light Co. before moving to Toronto before 1897. Later moved back to England. Bought a pottery plant in Cranham, nr Cheltenham. I
Andrew 28 MAY 1829-13 APR 1909 Sold Muiravonside to his sister Anna & her husband Thomas Mayne Stirling. Businessman in India.
Charles 15 JAN 1831-2 OCT 1915 RN 1843-69.
Charlotte Dorathea 1833-25 MAR 1885 'Lottie' as a child.
William, General Sir 4 AUG 1835-11 APR 1906 Educ. Edinburgh Academy. Served in Crimean War 1854-5 & China 1860. Lieut. of the Tower of London. Terence FitzGibbon says he farmed in Suffolk.
Anna 3 JUN 1837-2 FEB 1926 'Annie' as a child. Bur. in cathedral grounds, St Andrews
Francis 1 APR 1839-FEB 1880 'Frank' as a child
Walter 1841-21 SEP 1853
Agnes 25 MAY 1842-30 MAR 1927 'Aggie' as a child.
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