Hugh   Johnston Attainted 1684               John   Smyth
  John   Hill   Edward   Blagg
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
          Scott Ann   Greatraks Elizabeth   Blagg (nee ?)  

Hugh   Johnston
b. 1670 of Redemmon, Ireland. enc. 1723
m.   Rev. William   Smith
d. JUL 1747 of Ballee, Co. Down
m.   James   Smyth other children: John b. 22 Nov 1729 Dublin, James b. 24 Sep 1736 Dublin, Ann m. Ruth   Hill
b. 2 JUN 1708
William   Blagg
b. 1657
d. 11 MAR 1742
m. Ann   Norton
Charles   Johnston
d. 1776 of Ballee, Co. Down
m. Margaret   Smith Thomas   Smyth
b. 19 NOV 1737 Dublin
d. 1824 Liverpool Mayor of Liverpool 1799 of The Fence, Macclesfield
m. Elizabeth   Blagg
b. 12 OCT 1740 Fence House, St Micheals, Macclesfield
d. 29 AUG 1814 Fence House, St Micheals, Macclesfield
wife &

Hugh 1740-1790
John Johnston
b. ABT 1745 Ballee, Co Down
d. 24 DEC 1828 Danson (or Dauson), Kent orig. of Tobago & of Scarborough? Capt. 62nd Regiment Joined brother Hugh's business (Corn Merchant & Banker). Bought Danson Park, Kent from Sir John Boyd. Built c1766 for Sir John Boyd, is one of the finest Palladian Villas surviving in the south east. After a varied history, the house was near ruin by the 1950's. It was described by English heritage in
G5, ID=1785
Anna Smyth
b. ABT 1767
d. 14 NOV 1860 Danson, Kent
G5, ID=1786
Prof. William 1766-1849
Edward 1768-1864 Had a command in the Light Cavalry at the storming of Seringapatam, Mysore, India in 1799. He fought in the Peninsular War in Spain 1802-1812 and reached the rank of Captain. Commander of Macclesfield squadron of Cheshire Yeomanry. Mayor of Macclesfield in 1816
Elizabeth 1771-1808
Dorothy 1772-1808
Frances 1774-1808
Rev. Thomas Scott 1777-1854 By 1st marriage: Ryle, William, Mary (m. Edward Morris) By 2nd marriage: Emily, Theophilus, Charles (d. young), & William
b. 1791 about about
d. 9 FEB 1823 Madeira Madeira bur. 15.2.1823
Anna Elizabeth
b. 1793
d. 1881
b. 15 JUN 1795
d. 21 DEC 1873 Bath Bath
Helen Learmouth
b. 16 MAR 1800
d. 18 AUG 1872 of Danson Park
Ann Smyth
b. 1807 about, Cheshire about, Cheshire
d. MAR 1886 After her husband died she lived at Hyde End, Brimpton, Berks with her son Edward.
Thomas Edward Homan
b. 3 NOV 1801
d. 13 NOV 1884 bur. 20.11.1884
Eliza Jane
b. 17 APR 1804 Danson House, Bexley
d. 2 MAY 1878
Robert Burr, Rev. Bourne
b. 17 MAR 1798 Shrawley Court, Worcs
d. 30 JAN 1885 Shrawley Rector of Donhead St Andrew, Wilts. Son of Robert Bourne of Shrawley Court, Worcestershire
b. 26 AUG 1805
d. 22 FEB 1806

    Helen Jane Anna Louisa 1831-2 OCT 1851 baptised 6.12.1831 buried 11.10.1851
Mary Elizabeth 21 APR 1833-1916 baptised 8.8.1833
Helen Bourne 1835-1888 baptised 14.3.1835
Rev. Hugh William (Hugo) 7 FEB 1837-1 SEP 1918 .Rector of North Cray, Kent, Canon of Rochester
Sarah Jane (Pussy) 24 NOV 1838-9 FEB 1886
Emily Susan 19 FEB 1841-OCT 1927 bap. 16.7.1841
Edward John (Ted) 4 JAN 1843-1900 bap. 8.4.1843 of Hyde End, Brimpton, Berks
Rev. Charles Smyth 19 DEC 1844-4 NOV 1910
  Robert C. 15 JUL 1832-ABT 1918 of Grafton Manor, near Bromsgrove, Worcs. Natl Archives have records of his ownership of Twelve Acre Farm, Eynsham, which he sold in 1879.
Charles 1835-
Henrietta 27 JAN 1837- no children were given on Bill Charter's sheets
Eliza Jane Susan 16 MAY 1839-1932
George Hugh, Rev. 8 NOV 1840-1 DEC 1925 Educ. at Eton and at Christ Church, Ox­ford, took Ho­ly Or­ders in 1863. Sub-dean (1887 - 1901), and Treasurer and Prebendary of Salisbury Cathedral (1901). Wrote lyrics of 'Lord, enthroned in heavenl
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