Leeper & Stirling Family Trees

This is a series of linked web-pages in which you can trace the known ancestry of the Leeper/Burrows/Bouch Family and of the Stirlings of Cadder.

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This family tree is not yet complete and it will continue to be updated. Please send all updates and amendments to me at fjl1@cam.ac.uk. The most recent version may be viewed on-line at www-leeper.ch.cam.ac.uk/LeeperStirling.htm.


Stirling Family
"The Stirlings of Cadder" by Thomas Willing Stirling, W. C. Henderson & Son, University Press, St Andrews, 1933
Handwritten additions to this book added by ?
"James Stirling, Admiral and Founding Governor of Western Australia", Pamela Statham-Drew, University of Western Australia Press, 2003 and further data supplied by her.
Papers in the possession of Marion Leeper (nee Stirling) and personal communications from Norah Mitchell
Lavinia Fleming of Shamley Green near Guildford has also also given us a lot of information on the Stirling family.
Patrick Brock kindly supplied information on his part of the family and Mark Howarth on his relations, largely Ricardos.

Bill Charter supplied an extensive tree of his family especially the Johnston and Smyth families.
Julie Summers, nee Neal supplied a lot more information on the Smyth family and far more is available on her website www.juliesfamilytree.co.uk.

Burrows & Bouch Families
Documents in the possession of Josephine Leeper (nee Burrows),
principally an extensive family tree of ancestors of John Lowther Bouch handwritten by ?
but also:
an ancestry of the Leeper and Burrows families handwritten by Desmond Leeper compiled in 2000,
a family tree of ancestors of Ernest Pulley Burrows handwritten by Josephine Leeper,
a typewritten family tree of ancestors of Eliza Browne, and
a copy of a "Pedigree of Lowther of Great Orton" from a book about Great Orton
along with some other papers in the possession of my mother.

This has been supplemented by information on the Browne, Creuze and Sheffield families supplied by Warwick Sheffield of Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia.
Marjorie Perry has suppled some information on the Pulley family and Geoffrey Woodcock information on the Woodley family.

Leeper Families
A family tree of the Leeper family handwritten by Desmond Leeper and dated 15/8/94 and personal communications from Desmond & Josephine Leeper

The source for the branch descended from Canon Alexander Leeper is mostly from the biography of his son, also Alexander Leeper (Founder & 1st Warden of Trinity College, Univ. of Melbourne), entitled "Doubts & Certainties" by John Poynter, Melbourne University Press, 1997. This has been supplemented by information from Darryn Mills, a descendant now living in Otago, New Zealand.

Web-page generation

The web-pages were automatically generated from a Gedcom file by a program written by myself. If anyone is interested in having a copy of this program please contact me at fjl1@cam.ac.uk. Many family tree-building programs can output the data in Gedcom format.

Finian Leeper