John   Bouch
  John   Jefferson
1745-1823 of Cunning Garth and Longmoor.
  William   Lowther
  Joseph   Liddell of Baldwinholme   Francis   Browne
1736-1789 Served in Ireland and N. Ammerica during War of Independence and ensuing war with France. Left a journal, seen by Mem but now lost. Buried St Michael, Bristol. Admon. PCC 1790
  Peter   Boetefeur of Hampstead        
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Ann   Foster
Mary   Hodgson
Jane   Miller
Margaret   Liddell (nee ?) Hannah Myles   Bullock
Sarah   Daniel
1749- Christening cup came through her - dated 1723-24, it might have been made for her mother's christening.

John   Bouch
b. ABT 1770
d. 8 JAN 1830 Moved from Cumberland to London. Buried in St Magnus Martyr, Lower Thames St.
m. Jane   Jefferson
b. 16 APR 1779
d. 10 JUL 1820
Nicholas   Lowther
b. 1780
d. 26 MAR 1833 THE LOWTHERS OF GT ORTON AN EARLY 19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF NICHOLAS LOWTHER (1780-1833) oils, from an original portrait by Andrew Geddes ARA (1783-1844). 91.5cm x 71.5cm. A 19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF MARGARET LOWTHER, sister to Nicholas, oils, painted by Andrew Geddes, 76cm x 63cm. (2) *** Margaret married John Bouch and both portraits have come by family descent to the present owner. Sold at auction for 420 on 21/3/2007
m. Mary   Liddell
b. 1783
d. 28 JAN 1859 of St James, Piccadilly. Prob. the Mary Liddell christened 28 Jan 1783 Saint Giles, Great Orton, dau of Joseph & Margaret Liddell (IGI)
William   Browne
b. 12 JAN 1775
d. 21 JAN 1842 buried Kingston Church. Said to have 5 sons & 3 dau. Groomy's recollections say her great grandfather was 'John Browne' who was in the navy and died ca. 1826. Possibly Groomy's grandfather Edward and his elder brother John were adopted?
m. Sarah   Boetefeur
b. 12 JAN 1772
d. 18 DEC 1844 Buried St Giles, Camberwell. Minature annotated 'Issue - 5 sons 3 daughters'.
William Bowdler   Pugh
d. 1841 will disputed
m. Janet   Russ
d. 1822
John   Bouch
b. 30 MAR 1811
d. 29 MAR 1895 Bromley, Kent of Coombe Lea, Bickley. Head of firm of 'Manchester merchants' in 7-8 Bread St., City of London. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Groomy says d. in 1893.
m. Margaret   Lowther
b. 27 SEP 1814 Islington, Middlesex
d. 31 MAR 1860 Woodford, Essex Auction catalogue said she was Nicholas's sister
Edward   Browne
b. 1810
d. 1878 Started firm of Carey & Browne in 36? Mincing Lane, ca. 1834. Children and their order from Mem (from memory) . Groomy said 9 children, 7 of them married with children. of No 1 Sussex Place, Old Kent Road, Camberwell, Surrey (info from Ron Fortuna 27/10/07) . Lived Denmark Hill, then for ca 20 yrs from ca. 1853 at Oak Hill, Surbiton. 1875 lived on/off Kingston Hill - his will says Devonshire Lodge, Coombe Warren, Kingston.
m. Margaret Ann Russ   Pugh
b. 1809
d. 1893 Moved to 4 Wetherby Gardens, London after her husband died. Bur. Norbiton Cemetery. Info on parents from Ron Fortuna
wife &

Margaret 1839-1909 drank too much. After Morell died she moved to The Little House, Wargrave, which he had bought some years before. After 1916 lived with either Ethel or Olga.
Frances 1841- 'Auntie Fan' lived in Oak Lodge, Shortlands, built by Uncle Edward Luck's architect brother Charles. Moved ca. 1899 to Hillside, Bickley. Invalid from 1873.
Marian 1842-1905 'Auntie Mair'. Was in love with James Browne for ~30 yrs. Lived in Surbiton then house in Shortland adjoining Oak Lodge (sister Frances' house). After ~10 yrs of marriage her husband lost all his mon> ey and they had to move to a flat in London.
John 1843-1843 died within hours of birth
William (Willie) 1847-1895 Lived above the firm in Bread St. Emigrated about 1885. Was engaged when he died of a heart attack.
Jane 1849-1890 'Aunt Janey'. Died of a blood-clot on the brain.
Alfred 1850-1926 lived with his father & step-mother for a while. Played cricket for Bickley. Then got a housemaid pregnant and married her and lived with her family in Raunds, Northants. Disowned by his father. Alive in 1910.
Charles 1854- Clerk then junior partner in family firm, Bouch, Coath & Co. in Broad St. Lived with father & step-mother until he married then in Montpelier Square
Alice 1854-1911 did not marry. Lived with father and step-mother. Went partially deaf as a result of Scarle Fever as a schoolgirl. On her father's death she went to live in Raunds for ca. 2 years to be near Alfred. T
John Lowther Bouch
b. 1844 Lambeth, Surrey
d. APR 1926 or May
Clothing wholesaler of Surbiton. 1881: South Bank Holmwood Kingston On Thames, with whole family + Cook, Nurse & Housemaid Moved to house opposite Shortlands Church, Kent when wife died. Then Wendover Rd, off Mason's Hill, Bromley. Took over as head of firm from his father. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Firm went into bankruptcy in 1902. Then manager at firm of Rylands. Retired ca. 1911 and went to live with son Lowther in Ackworth.
G3, ID=11
Eliza Browne
b. 1848 Tulsehill, Surrey
d. FEB 1897
'Bunny'. Invalid from 1889. Bur. at west end of St Mark's Church, St. Mark's Hill, Surbiton.
G3, ID=13
Edward 1835- 'Uncle Ted' 6' 5in tall, reddish hair. Lived in Surbiton, built Albury House on Surbiton Hill Road.. Died in a cab visiting his brother & sister (the General & Janet) in Barkston Mansions, Sth. Keni
Margaret 1837-1893 'Aunt Minnie', lived in Surbiton & then Beckenham (garden backed onto the Cricket ground).
Francis Augustin (Frank) 1839-1911 In business with Frederick Carey, taking over from his father (see Times 4 Jan 1881) of Lawn Bank, Cromwell Road, Teddington (1891). Groomy's godfather.
James 1841-1921 'Uncle Jim'. 'The General'?. Lived in Wetherby Gardens. In love with Marion Luck (nee Bouch) for ~30 yrs. After she died he lived for 6-7 yrs with his sister Janet until she died.
Janet 1842-1912 'Aunt Jenty' looked after her mother. Groomy's godmother.
Mary Anne 1845- went to Australia in ca. 1863 for 4 yrs. Met Arthur Ellis on her return voyage. Lived in South Hill Park, between Bromley and Shortlands also a holiday house at SeaView
Amy 1846-
Amy 1849- Lived 1887 in Gledhow Gardens, Sth. Kensington then Ascot. After husband's death went to France with Trixie.
Robert 1852- 'Uncle Bob' red-haired. Went into the family business. Lived on the outskirts of Wimbledon.
John Lowther
b. 1872 prob. Kingston-upon-Thames
d. 1942 Wakefield, Yorks 'Lowther' who compiled the Lowther and Bouch family trees. Birth record see  Marlborough School. Initially studied Law. Ordained 1904. First curacy in Stepney, 2nd (1907) in Bryanston Square. Vicar of Ackworth, West Yorks, 1910-1940. Was left the three Cumberland farms inherited by his father from William Lowther. Lived 1940-42 with his daughter Anne at Wakefield.
Isobel McNair
d. 1921 Switzerland died of TB. Family originated from Mull of Kintyre.
Margaret Lowther
b. 1873 Surbiton, Surrey
d. 1958 Esher, Surrey 'Peggie' 'Groomy'. Lived Hayes Cottage, Keston (1897-1905) then in Westwood (1905-11), then in Heatherside (1911-), later in Post Cottage, Bookham (1940-1951) & lastly with Mem & Demon at Lammas Cottage.
Ernest Pulley Burrows
b. 14 FEB 1870 Strawberry Vale, Twickenham
d. 28 FEB 1945 'Granfer' educ. Sherborne. Lived Hayes Cottage, Hayes, 1897-1904, Westwood, Keston, 1905-11, Heatherside, Keston, 1911-40 (requisitioned by RAF), Beggar's End then Post Cottage (1940-) Developed TB in 1913, & went to a sanatorium in England then Switzerland. While he was away his business went bust. Lieut. in Volunteers (Home Guard) in WW1. After the war a 2nd business went bust. He then worked for Burrows & Co. Retired at Xmas 1939. 1901 Census: Hayes
Marion (May) Frances
b. ABT FEB 1875 Surbiton, Surrey Surbiton, Surrey
d. 1923 Twin to Amy Dorothea. Mentally subnormal and ended up in an asylum
Amy Dorothea
b. 1875 Surbiton, Surrey
d. 1965 Guildford 'Auntie Doll', twin. Started her own school in the Vicarage.
Francis Newland, Rev. Pickford
b. ABT 1863
d. 15 FEB 1952 Cranleigh, aged 88 In 1894 he was vicar in charge of a large parish in Australia. Vicar of Normandy for 26 years until he retired in 1931 to a house they'd built near the vicarage. M.A. Oxford. Death notice in The Times
William Morell
b. ABT 1878 Surbiton, Surrey
d. 2 FEB 1903 Alstone Court, Huntspill, Somerset educ. Marlborough then Brasenose College, Oxford. President of the JCR. Played Football for Oxford.

Living Relative
Joyce ABT 1911-SEP 2007 2nd dau. Lesbian - lived with a female friend Mabel in a cottage in Berrick Salome, Oxon. Death notice in Times.
Isabel Jacquetta Lowther ABT 1915-APR 2003 'Jacq' in WW2 in the ATS. Lived in the Rectory, Clifton, near Penrith. When husband died moved to the cottage in King's Meaburn that they'd bought as a retirement home. Obit. d. age 88
Ernest Lowther (Peter) 19 OCT 1899-9 JUL 1902 1901 Census: Hayes, Kent
Dorothea Joan 6 APR 1901-1951 Emigrated to Australia in autumn 1925. Returned 1932? and lived with parents. Died of cancer.
Elizabeth Lowther "Betty" 11 OCT 1902-10 AUG 1903
Richard Morell "Dick" 9 AUG 1904-2 AUG 1942 educ. Tonbridge School. Emigrated to Australia in autumn 1925. Served in Australian Light Horse Regiment (Capt., acting Major). Died of TB.
Katharine Margaret "Kitty" 20 DEC 1906-NOV 1976 'Kaybe' 'Gabby' earned her living as a model. After marriage lived in Beckenham, later Ecclestone Place, London EC1 then Ranelagh Gardens, Putney
Anthony John "Anto" 6 FEB 1908-MAY 1949 educ. scholarship to Tonbridge. Joined Burrows Bros. (ca. 1925) and became a partner (ca. 1935) . Joined West Kent Yeomanry (artillery). Fought in France (Dunkirk), N. Africa, Yugoslavia (Vis). Boug
Cecily 6 APR 1910-1 JUN 1910
Living Relative
  Humphrey 1905-ABT 1926 Edu. at St John's Leatherhead. RAF cadet, Cranwell - passed out top of his year but killed in a crash during the Fly Past on the final day.
Rhona 1907- lived in a flat in Guildford from 1961 with her mother. Published 1st novel in ~1965 & a 2nd later.
Brian Lowther 1910-AUG 1981 known as Piccy. Educ. at his mother's school then Guildford Grammar. Had 5 sons & 1 dau. Set up demolition firm and bought a gravel pit, which went bankrupt in 1953. By 1981 all the sons were marrie
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