Francis   Browne
1707-1788 Will PCC Calvert 339. Or b.1706.
  John   Bullock
1714-1774 Will PCC Bargrave 4
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Mary   Harford
Hannah   Myles
1717-1805 Will PCC Nelson 630

Francis   Browne
b. 1736
d. 14 DEC 1789 Served in Ireland and N. Ammerica during War of Independence and ensuing war with France. Left a journal, seen by Mem but now lost. Buried St Michael, Bristol. Admon. PCC 1790
m. Hannah Myles   Bullock
b. 5 JUL 1741
Peter   Boetefeur of Hampstead m. Sarah   Daniel
b. SEP 1749 Christening cup came through her - dated 1723-24, it might have been made for her mother's christening.
  m.     m.  
William   Browne
b. 12 JAN 1775
d. 21 JAN 1842 Kingston buried Kingston Church. Said to have 5 sons & 3 dau. Groomy's recollections say her great grandfather was 'John Browne' who was in the navy and died ca. 1826. Possibly Groomy's grandfather Edward and his elder brother John were adopted?
m. Sarah   Boetefeur
b. 12 JAN 1772 Hampstead
d. 18 DEC 1844 Camberwell Buried St Giles, Camberwell. Minature annotated 'Issue - 5 sons 3 daughters'.
William Bowdler   Pugh
d. 1841 will disputed
m. Janet   Russ
d. 1822
wife &

Eliza mentioned in Groomy's recollections. Passed the Queen Anne christening cup onto Groomy's mother - it had been passed from one Eliza Browne to another for 7 generations.
Sarah 1800-1835
Mary Ann 1802-
Francis 1805-1850 Kingston baptismal register. Bur. in St Giles, Camberwell.
John 1806- Kingston baptismal register 27/12/1806. Worked for Messrs. Thornton, West India merchants as the right hand of the head of the firm, Mr. Richard Thornton, a man of great wealth and of considerable notoriety in the city.
Edward Browne
b. 1810
d. 1878 Started firm of Carey & Browne in 36? Mincing Lane, ca. 1834. Children and their order from Mem (from memory) . Groomy said 9 children, 7 of them married with children. of No 1 Sussex Place, Old Kent Road, Camberwell, Surrey (info from Ron Fortuna 27/10/07) . Lived Denmark Hill, then for ca 20 yrs from ca. 1853 at Oak Hill, Surbiton. 1875 lived on/off Kingston Hill - his will says Devonshire Lodge, Coombe Warren, Kingston.
G4, ID=14
Margaret Ann Russ Pugh
b. 1809
d. 1893
Moved to 4 Wetherby Gardens, London after her husband died. Bur. Norbiton Cemetery. Info on parents from Ron Fortuna
G4, ID=9
William Russ 1805-1897 Arrived in Hobart Town in the Derwent in Dec 1835. In the Australian Dictionary of National Biography as the first Australian Surgeon to use ether. The only child of his first marriage died in infancy
b. ABT 1835 est. 'Uncle Ted' 6' 5in tall, reddish hair. Lived in Surbiton, built Albury House on Surbiton Hill Road.. Died in a cab visiting his brother & sister (the General & Janet) in Barkston Mansions, Sth. Keni
Helen Dunnage 1st wife. Aunt Nellie. Eldest of 3 sisters. Died just after birth of 5th child, Ted.
Henrietta Pownall 2nd wife. Short & stout. After marriage lived in Sevenoaks then Dover.
b. ABT 1837 est.
d. ABT 1893 'Aunt Minnie', lived in Surbiton & then Beckenham (garden backed onto the Cricket ground).

William Price His family lived in Surbiton. A good deal older than Margaret.
Francis Augustin (Frank)
b. 23 JUN 1839 Camberwell
d. 16 MAR 1911 In business with Frederick Carey, taking over from his father (see Times 4 Jan 1881) of Lawn Bank, Cromwell Road, Teddington (1891). Groomy's godfather.

Mary Elizabeth (Lilla) Coleman
b. ABT 1845
d. ABT 1904 age 45 at 1891 census. Dau. of Dr Matthew Trollope Coleman, who was GP to Groomy's family. The practice then passed to his son Owen, a family friend who lived close to their house in St Mark's Hill. H
b. ABT 1841 est.
d. ABT 1921 'Uncle Jim'. 'The General'?. Lived in Wetherby Gardens. In love with Marion Luck (nee Bouch) for ~30 yrs. After she died he lived for 6-7 yrs with his sister Janet until she died.
b. ABT 1842 est.
d. ABT 1912 unmarried unmarried 'Aunt Jenty' looked after her mother. Groomy's godmother.
Mary Anne
b. ABT 1845 est. went to Australia in ca. 1863 for 4 yrs. Met Arthur Ellis on her return voyage. Lived in South Hill Park, between Bromley and Shortlands also a holiday house at SeaView

Arthur Ellis Mill House, Keston, 1890s
b. ABT 1846
b. 1848 Tulsehill, Surrey
d. FEB 1897 'Bunny'. Invalid from 1889. Bur. at west end of St Mark's Church, St. Mark's Hill, Surbiton.

John Lowther Bouch
b. 1844 Lambeth, Surrey
d. APR 1926 or May of Surbiton. 1881: South Bank Holmwood Kingston On Thames, with whole family + Cook, Nurse & Housemaid Moved to house opposite Shortlands Church, Kent when wife died. Then Wendover Rd, off Mason's Hill, Bromley. Took over as head of firm from his father. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Firm went into bankruptcy in 1902. Then manager at firm of Rylands. Retired ca. 1911 and went to live with son Lowther in Ackworth.
b. 1849 Lived 1887 in Gledhow Gardens, Sth. Kensington then Ascot. After husband's death went to France with Trixie.

Hawtin Phillips
d. ABT 1883 Died when Trixie was 9.
b. ABT 1852 'Uncle Bob' red-haired. Went into the family business. Lived on the outskirts of Wimbledon.
Alice Trollope
b. ABT 1860 Went to live in Brighton after Bob died.

Lily died at birth of 2nd daughter
Maggie Eldest sister. After death of her father she and her 2 sisters lived with their uncles and aunts on Avenue Elmers, Surbiton, then in Lovelace Road. 1st of the 3 to die.
Janet -ABT 1940 After death of her father she and her 2 sisters lived with their uncles and aunts on Avenue Elmers, Surbiton, then in Lovelace Road. Last of the 3 to die.
Kitty ABT 1867- Youngest of the 4 sisters. After death of her father she and her 2 sisters lived with their uncles and aunts on Avenue Elmers, Surbiton, then in Lovelace Road. 2nd of the 3 to die.
Ted ABT 1869- moved to Hitchin close to his Aunt Laura with his six sons aged 1 to 13.
Cecil ABT 1874- His mother's 1st child.
Eva ABT 1879-
Winifred ABT 1881-
Llewellyn youngest. Died in young middle-age
Philip died in middle-age
Margaret died in mental home
Alfred died in young middle-age
William did marry
Frank Coleman 1869-1909 age 21 at 1891 census, clerk. 1901 census: living at ‘Inglewood’, Teddington, Surrey Lived at Pycroft Place, Chertsey. Died of throat cancer.
Charles Edward 1871-1929 age 19 at 1871 census
Owen Pugh ABT 1876- married dau. of a well-to-do contractor in Surbiton. Died in early middle-age
    Bessie 1872-
Cornelia "Connie" ABT 1874-ABT 1949 m. at 19 husband aged 37 with 3 chidren (eldest 13). After 1 yr of marriage he lost all his money and they moved to stay with his parents in Norwood for 3-4 yrs, then lived in Weybridge. Had had 3 ch> ildren by 1900. Used to send Groomy 2/6d each Christmas to buy a wreath for her father's grave in Keston.
Edward 'Teddy' ABT 1879- served in Boer War
  John Lowther 1872-1942 'Lowther' who compiled the Lowther and Bouch family trees. Birth record see  Marlborough School. Initially studied Law. Ordained 1904. First curacy in Stepney, 2nd (1907) in Bryanston Square. Vicar of Ackworth, West Yorks, 1910-1940. Was left the three Cumberland farms inherited by his father from William Lowther. Lived 1940-42 with his daughter Anne at Wakefield.
Margaret Lowther 1873-1958 'Peggie' 'Groomy'. Lived Hayes Cottage, Keston (1897-1905) then in Westwood (1905-11), then in Heatherside (1911-), later in Post Cottage, Bookham (1940-1951) & lastly with Mem & Demon at Lammas Cottage.
Marion (May) Frances ABT FEB 1875-1923 Twin to Amy Dorothea. Mentally subnormal and ended up in an asylum
Amy Dorothea 1875-1965 'Auntie Doll', twin. Started her own school in the Vicarage.
William Morell ABT 1878-2 FEB 1903 educ. Marlborough then Brasenose College, Oxford. President of the JCR. Played Football for Oxford.
Trixie ABT 1876-ABT 1966 eldest child. Lived in Pau, France since before WW1 to her death. Mem & Demon visited her in 1965.
Hawtin ABT 1877-ABT 1917 2nd child. Youngest major in British army before 1914.
Ralph ABT 1880-1917 3rd child. Returned injured from war but died a few weeks later. Was married.
Geoffrey ABT 1883- alive in 1950
Geoffrey ABT 1883-ABT 1919 married young. Served through the whole of WW1 unwounded. Died on the way home from 'flu.
Mollie ABT 1885-
Beryl ABT 1890- m. an American
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