William   Stirling
1717-1777 Founded 'William Stirling & Sons' fought at Culloden Burgess of Glasgow (admitted 14 Feb 1745) IGI also lists a dau Marian c. 26 Jun 1750
  Walter, Sir   Stirling
1718-1786 of Faskine
  Walter, Sir   Stirling
1718-1786 of Faskine
  Andreas   Grote
1710-1788 Settled in England about 1730, and in 1766 established the London banking house of Grote, Prescott & Co.
  Patrick   Stirling
1704-1745 4th of Kippendavie
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Mary   Buchanan
Dorothy   Willing
Dorothy   Willing
Mary Anne   Culverden
Margaret   Douglas
-1757 dau of Sylvester Douglas of Whiteridge & Margaret Keith

Andrew   Stirling
b. 7 FEB 1751
d. 29 MAR 1823 of Cadder and Drumpellier (bought 1781). Founded: 1/10/1792, Commission House of Stirling, Hunter & Co. London, which became Andrew Stirling & Co. when Mr D. Hunter left.
m. Anna Dorothea   Stirling
b. 23 AUG 1762
d. 13 JUN 1830
Charles, Sir   Stirling
b. 28 APR 1760
d. 7 NOV 1833 Court-martialled for corruption.
m. Charlotte   Grote
b. 1763
d. 25 MAR 1825 2nd daughter
John   Stirling
b. 22 DEC 1742
d. JUN 1816 6th of Kippendavie. Also 10 other chilren - see Stirnet-Stirling03.txt and Aird0fKippendavie.pdf
m. Mary   Graham dau of William Graham, 2nd of Airth   m.  
Charles   Stirling
b. 30 SEP 1789 Drumpellier
d. 25 AUG 1867 Muiravonside Partner in the firm of Stirling & Beckton of Manchester until end of 1834. Bought Muiravonside in Autumn 1835.
m. Charlotte Dorothea   Stirling
b. 1800 Wickham, Hampshire
d. 25 JUN 1862 Muiravonside
William   Stirling
b. 26 JUN 1787
d. 1862 of Kenmure, Lanarkshire and Content, Jamaica; had issue see Aird0fKippendavie.pdf.
m. Olivia   Salmond dau of Peter Salmond
wife &

Andrew 1829-1909 Sold Muiravonside to his sister Anna & her husband Thomas Mayne Stirling. Businessman in India.
Charles 1831-1915 RN 1843-69.
Charlotte Dorathea 1833-1885 'Lottie' as a child.
Anna 1837-1926 'Annie' as a child. Bur. in cathedral grounds, St Andrews
Francis 1839-1880 'Frank' as a child
Walter 1841-1853
Agnes 1842-1927 'Aggie' as a child.
William, General Sir Stirling
b. 4 AUG 1835 Muiravonside
d. 11 APR 1906 Ochiltree, Folkstone
Royal Artillery Educ. Edinburgh Academy. Served in Crimean War 1854-5 & China 1860. Lieut. of the Tower of London. Terence FitzGibbon says he farmed in Suffolk.
G3, ID=601

Other wives: Ann Douglas Sylvester Stirling,
Anna Christian Stirling
b. 31 DEC 1835 Scotland
d. 6 MAY 1916
of Kippendarvie
G3, ID=616
b. 1 MAR 1870 Aldershot
d. 17 NOV 1914 or 19 Nov, Ropers Hall, Bures, Suffolk Educ. Wellington & R.M.A. Woolwich. Lived Ropers Hall, Bures, Suffolk.
Amy Harriet, Hon Gurdon
b. 1864
d. 13 MAY 1944 dau of Robert Thornhagh Gurdon, 1st Baron Cranworth, and Harriott Ellin Miles (dau. of Sir William Miles, 1st Bt. and Catherine Gordon), m. 4 Sep 1862. Widow of (1) Lionel Charles Drummond and (2) Cap
Agnes 'Mia'
b. 7 OCT 1872 Newport, Monmouthshire
d. 13 FEB 1966
Guy Charles Ashworth
d. 21 MAY 1942 Son of Frederick Charles Ashworth, of Boldre, Hants
Evelyn Christian
b. 15 APR 1874 Muiravonside
d. 15 OCT 1893 Muiravonside
b. 15 MAR 1876 Christchurch, Hampshire
d. 31 OCT 1949 Urgashay, Bridgehampton, Somerset Educ. Wellington & R.M.A. Woolwich. Lived 1933, Ashburn Court, Ash, Surrey.
Kathleen Henrietta Garratt
d. 7 MAR 1954 Urgashay, Bridgehampton, Somerset elder dau of Lt-Col John Arthur Thomas Garratt, of Bishop's Court, Exeter
Mary Olive
b. 11 OCT 1878 East Indies
d. 27 DEC 1963 unmarried, Ryton Hall, Shifnal, Salop Lived Ryton Hall, Shifnal, Salop
Frances Graham
b. 9 NOV 1881
d. 5 JUL 1964
Reginald Francis Arthur Hobbs
d. 10 JUL 1953 4th son of Capt Simpson Hackett Hobbs, 89th Regt
Walter Andrew
b. 5 AUG 1883 Nussteads, Polstead, Suffolk
d. 24 FEB 1958 Educ. Wellington & R.M.A. Woolwich. Lived, Nussteads, Polstead, Suffolk & Twinstead Hall, Sudbury, Suffolk.
Louie Rosa Margueritha Faber 2nd dau. of J. Valdemar Faber, Consul-General for Denmark

Living Relative
Living Relative
Living Relative       Reginald Geoffrey Stirling 8 AUG 1908-
Peter Graham 19 MAR 1911-
Living Relative
Living Relative
Living Relative
son 6 JAN 1922-8 JAN 1922
Living Relative
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