John Stamford   Burrows
1834-1911 of 29 Change Alley, Shortlands (1858) then of Strawberry Vale, Twickenham 1895 'The Elms' between Shortlands & Beckenham. Later 12A Upper Hamilton Terrace, London. Elected member of Lloyds 23 Jun 1858 (50 entrance fee, 12/12s annual subs.) buried Teddington Cemetery. 1871 Census: Bromley? 1901 Census: Paddington (b. 1835)
  John Lowther   Bouch
1844-1926 of Surbiton. 1881: South Bank Holmwood Kingston On Thames, with whole family + Cook, Nurse & Housemaid Moved to house opposite Shortlands Church, Kent when wife died. Then Wendover Rd, off Mason's Hill, Bromley. Took over as head of firm from his father. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Firm went into bankruptcy in 1902. Then manager at firm of Rylands. Retired ca. 1911 and went to live with son Lowther in Ackworth.
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
        Emily Josephine   Pulley
1843-1934 buried Teddington Cemetery 15 May 1934 'The Elms' Beckenham, Kent, then 12A Upper Hamilton Terrace, London (near Edgware Rd) 1901 Census: Paddington (b. 1844) 1891 Census: Bromley. 1871 Census: Twickenham 1861 Census: Stamford Hill, Hackney Marriage record: Hackney 1865 Oct-Dec Vol 1b p803.
Eliza   Browne
1848-1897 'Bunny'. Invalid from 1889. Bur. at west end of St Mark's Church, St. Mark's Hill, Surbiton.

  m.     m.   Ernest Pulley   Burrows
b. 14 FEB 1870
d. 28 FEB 1945 'Granfer' educ. Sherborne. Lived Hayes Cottage, Hayes, 1897-1904, Westwood, Keston, 1905-11, Heatherside, Keston, 1911-40 (requisitioned by RAF), Beggar's End then Post Cottage (1940-) Developed TB in 1913, & went to a sanatorium in England then Switzerland. While he was away his business went bust. Lieut. in Volunteers (Home Guard) in WW1. After the war a 2nd business went bust. He then worked for Burrows & Co. Retired at Xmas 1939. 1901 Census: Hayes
m. Margaret Lowther   Bouch
b. 1873
d. 1958 'Peggie' 'Groomy'. Lived Hayes Cottage, Keston (1897-1905) then in Westwood (1905-11), then in Heatherside (1911-), later in Post Cottage, Bookham (1940-1951) & lastly with Mem & Demon at Lammas Cottage.
  m.   Anthony John "Anto"   Burrows
b. 6 FEB 1908
d. MAY 1949 educ. scholarship to Tonbridge. Joined Burrows Bros. (ca. 1925) and became a partner (ca. 1935) . Joined West Kent Yeomanry (artillery). Fought in France (Dunkirk), N. Africa, Yugoslavia (Vis). Boug
m. Evelyn Honor   Shuckburgh
b. 21 FEB 1910 prob.
d. NOV 1958 'Eve' had a house Maury's Mount, near Romsey. Died of cancer. Prob. dau. of Gerald Francis Stewkley Shuckburgh (b. 28/2/1882) and Honor Zoe dau. of Neville Thursby of Harleston, Northants, m. 2/3/1909 (Google Books).
wife &

Cecil "Jack" Horner
b. ABT 1920
d. ABT 1992
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