Cuthbert   Osmotherley
1560-1599 of Langrigg, Cumberland
  Richard   Tolson
1564-1650 Lived at Woodhall, Papcastle, nr Bridekirk, Cumberland. Children: 1. Henry b. c. 1590, buried Bridekirk as ‘de Woodhall’, 30 Oct 1663, Sheriff of Cumberland 1647, MP for Cumberland, married 1) Wath-upon-Dearne, 14 June 1618, Margaret Saville, buried Bridekirk, 25 Ja
  Leonard   Dykes
1584-1640 Marr. 2nd Margaret, b. c1600, dau. of John FRESCHVILLE and Barbara EYRE. Lived in Plumbland, Cumberland. 1631 High Sheriff of Cumberland.
  John   Freschville
1577-1610 Lived in Hazelborough, Derbyshire.
  John   Salkeld
  Rev Thomas   Fairfax
1571-1640 27 Apr 1625 to install Thomas Fairfax junior to 4th canonry, vac. by d. of Joseph Fletcher - see Rector of Caldbeck, Cumberland & Prebendary of Carlisle. Owned Asby Grange, Westmorland.
  John   Irton
1578-1642 this is as in the family documents but website has Dorothy m. to Richard Irton. Possibly this John Irton is an extra generation that did not exist.
  Henry   Ponsonby
1580-1627 of Haile, Cumberland
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Frances   Swinburne
-1587 PRF has no first name and Frances ? as the 2nd wife of Cuthbert, living 1599 in Langrigg. or b. Huthwaite, nr. Cockermouth
Eleanor or Helen   Lamplugh
1574-1612 had 13 children according to
Anne   Radcliffe
Barbara   Eyre also marr. Richard BLAND Barbara   Fletcher 4 Jul 1601/02 Mentioned in father's will. Grace   Hutton
Mary   Swinburne
Dorothea   Sandys

William   Osmotherley
b. ABT 1587
d. MAY 1660 Bought Dubmill, Holm Cultram, Cumberland
m. Mary   Tolson
b. ABT 1594
d. 1690 or Mary Warwick? Other Osmotherley children: Cuthbert b. ca. 1645; Richard b. ca. 1650, d. Oct 1707 (Age 57) -- Bromfield; John; Ellen (Helen); Frances of DubMill d. 1687; unknown dau.; Robert d. Jan 1666;
Thomas   Dykes
d. 24 APR 1658 Also marr. Jane VALE. Lived in Warthole, Plumbland, Cumberland.
m. Joyce   Freschville
b. ABT 1610
John   Salkeld
b. 26 NOV 1613
d. 1666 of Threpland. He was born just after his father's death.
m. Mary   Fairfax
d. 1673 Mentioned in the Will of her sister Isabel Fairfax
John   Irton
b. 1603
d. 1676 of Irton
m. Anne   Ponsonby
b. ABT 1621
d. 1685
William   Osmotherley
b. 1638 Llangrigg
d. 1670 Lived in Langrigg, Cumberland & in 1664 in Crookdaike.
m. Ann   Dykes
d. 1 JAN 1713 or 15 Children: Cuthbert Osmotherley b. C 1660 d. 1745 (Age 85) Bur. 6 Feb 1745 Bromfield William Osmotherley b. 1661 Henry Osmotherley b. 1665 Mary Osmotherley b. 1668
Henry   Salkeld
b. 1633 Threapland, Cumberland Lived: Threpland, Bothel & Torpenhow, Cumberland. other children: Thomas b. 1675 Margaret b. 1679 Grace b. 1681
m. Elizabeth   Irton
b. ABT 1639 Irton
wife &

  Cuthbert Osmotherley
b. ABT 1660
d. 26 JAN 1745 aged 85 aged 85 of Langrigg 1705 Built Dovecote 1735 Sold Langrigg Hall to his son in law Thomas Barwis info on Osmotherley family from
G9, ID=1135
Mary (Elizabeth Mary) Salkeld
b. ABT 1664
d. 1733
other Osmotherley children: William b. 1687, d. early 1735 aged 48 Henry bap. 21 Nov 1688, Bromfield Dorothy b. Langrigg, d. 1693 Jane b. Langrigg, d. 1693 Cuthbert b. Langrigg Mary b. Langrigg, d. 1740
G9, ID=1134
b. 1690 Langrigg Langrigg
d. 3 MAR 1780 age 90, New Cowper age 90, New Cowper
Thomas Barwise
b. ABT 1685 or 86, Lowsay or 86, Lowsay
d. 1766 age 81, New Cowper age 81, New Cowper of New Cowper. Also marr. Frances Osmotherley, a descendant of William Osmotherley who d. in 1590. 1735 He bought Langrigg Hall from his father in law Cuthbert Osmotherley.
Salkeld, Rev.
b. 1703 Langrigg
d. 27 AUG 1763 Age 60, Kirkby Fleetham, Yorkshire Matriculated at St. Edmund's Hall Oxon. 4 May 1725. Other children Thomas, Mary d.1798, Abraham, and Salkeld 1741-1765. Info on him and his descendants from Melinda Bastow's tree, GenesReunited, Apr
Ann Joblin
b. 1706 Kirkby Fleetham, Nth Yorkshire
d. 15 JUN 1793 Kirkby Fleetham, Nth Yorkshire

John 1711-1800
Mary 1714-1730
Cuthbert 1716-
Elizabeth 1719-
Jane 1721-
Grace 1724-
Thomas 1727-1732
Ann ABT 1738-1784 Other children Mary 1770-1842, Dorothy 1771-1842, Watson 1773-, Anne 1775-1870, Salkeld 1777-1858, Elizabeth 1779-, Margaret 1780-, Margaret 1782-,  and Abraham 1784-.
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