Thomas   Salkeld
-1574 of Caterlyn. Lived at Whitehall, Cumberland.
  Thomas   Fletcher
-1601 Was offered a knighthood by King James l, but was never actioned. Will: 4 Jul 1601 Probate: 29 Dec 1601 York.
  Rev. Thomas   Fairfax
1543-1596 3rd son. Will: 1596. Vicar of Sutton, Cambs. 1583 Vicar of Caldbeck, Cumberland. Prev. I had him as son of Sir Thomas Fairfax and Ann Gascoyne but the dates don't fit. This is from
  William   Hutton
1531-1597 of Greystoke, Cumberland
  Richard   Irton
1557-1608 of Irton, Cumberland
  John   Swinburne
-1617 1581 Built Huthwaite Hall, Irton, nr Cockermouth
  Simon   Ponsonby
1555- lived at Haile, Cumberland
  Henry   Sandys
1562-1614 lived in Rottington, nr St. Bees, Cumberland
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Mary   Vaux
-1606 or Marie. Will: 26 Jun 1606 Codicil.
Jane   Boleen Also called Jane Bolton / Bullen / Boleyn Bridgit   Orbell
Janet   Smith
1550- 2nd wife
Dorothy   Kirkby Elizabeth   Salkeld
-1618 Will: 21 Feb 1618 Cockermouth
Anne   Eaglesfield
Helena   Fletcher

John   Salkeld
d. 1 OCT 1613
m. Barbara   Fletcher 4 Jul 1601/02 Mentioned in father's will. Rev Thomas   Fairfax
b. ABT 1571
d. 2 JUL 1640 27 Apr 1625 to install Thomas Fairfax junior to 4th canonry, vac. by d. of Joseph Fletcher - see Rector of Caldbeck, Cumberland & Prebendary of Carlisle. Owned Asby Grange, Westmorland.
m. Grace   Hutton
b. ABT 1576
d. AFT 1640
John   Irton
b. 1578
d. 25 DEC 1642 this is as in the family documents but website has Dorothy m. to Richard Irton. Possibly this John Irton is an extra generation that did not exist.
m. Mary   Swinburne
d. ABT 1646
Henry   Ponsonby
b. ABT 1580
d. AFT 1627 of Haile, Cumberland
m. Dorothea   Sandys
b. ABT 1586
d. ABT 1670
John   Salkeld
b. 26 NOV 1613 Threapland Hall, Cumberland
d. 1666 of Threpland. He was born just after his father's death.
m. Mary   Fairfax
d. 1673 Mentioned in the Will of her sister Isabel Fairfax
John   Irton
b. 1603
d. 1676 of Irton
m. Anne   Ponsonby
b. ABT 1621
d. 1685
wife &

  Henry Salkeld
b. 1633 Threapland, Cumberland Lived: Threpland, Bothel & Torpenhow, Cumberland. other children: Thomas b. 1675 Margaret b. 1679 Grace b. 1681
G10, ID=1131
Elizabeth Irton
b. ABT 1639 Irton
G10, ID=1132
Mary (Elizabeth Mary)
b. ABT 1664
d. 1733 other Osmotherley children: William b. 1687, d. early 1735 aged 48 Henry bap. 21 Nov 1688, Bromfield Dorothy b. Langrigg, d. 1693 Jane b. Langrigg, d. 1693 Cuthbert b. Langrigg Mary b. Langrigg, d. 1740
Cuthbert Osmotherley
b. ABT 1660
d. 26 JAN 1745 aged 85 aged 85 of Langrigg 1705 Built Dovecote 1735 Sold Langrigg Hall to his son in law Thomas Barwis  info on Osmotherley family from

Elizabeth 1690-3 MAR 1780
Salkeld, Rev. 1703-27 AUG 1763 Matriculated at St. Edmund's Hall Oxon. 4 May 1725. Other children Thomas, Mary d.1798, Abraham, and Salkeld 1741-1765. Info on him and his descendants from Melinda Bastow's tree, GenesReunited, Apr
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