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The Centre for Biological Chemistry was established with a SRIF grant of 3.5M from HEFCE and opened in April 2006.

It is a communal area for all the groups involved in the original grant application and all the equipment contained within the area is for communal use by trained users. All users of the facilities must comply with the CBC Rules. Those that do not are subject to a fine and/or a ban from using the facilities.

The Centre has the following facilities:
  * Biophysical Equipment Room
  * Radiochemical Room - 32P
  * Cold Room
  * -80 °C Freezers
  * Tissue Culture Room
  * Slow Fermentation Room - e.g. Streptomyces
  * Media Preparation Room
  * Fast Fermentation Room - e.g. E. coli

Notice. The password-protected CBC User's Community site (contains instrument manuals etc.) is on Camtools. All members should be registered on Camtools. Access the site by clicking on "User's Community" in the left hand column.

If you are not registered and want to be, please fill out the appropriate registration form and send or take it to Harriet Kerridge (, Reception).
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