William, Sir   Threlkeld
1347-1408 Marr. 2nd Katherine ? pre 1399 Pre Apr 1379 Knighted. 1399 sat on a jury
  Roland, Sir   Thornburgh
-1421 Lived in Meaburn Maulds, Westmorland Knighted during the campaign in France? 1404-1418 Escheator, Cumberland and Westmorland. 1412-1421 J.P. for Westmorland
  Thomas, Sir   Bromflete
  Henry, Lord   FitzHugh Lord Fitzhugh of Ravensworth. Lived in Ravensworth Castle, Yorks. ˆmarried 2nd(?) Marjery Willoughby, daughter of William de Willoughby, 5th Lord Willoughby de Eresby and Joan de Holand, bef 28 Nov 1406. G. g. grandfather of Catherine Parr   Richard   Radcliffe
-1431 or Thomas (BLG). Of Astley and Winmarleigh, Lancs. ^Attended the King into France with 3 men at arms and 9 archers. Was at the seige of Calais. J.P. for Lancashire, Deputy of Calais.
  John   Derwentwater
1354-1392 Lived Castlerigg, Cumberland. Marr. 1st ?, dau. of William STAPLETON. 1376 - 80 Knight of the Shire and Sheriff of Cumberland. 1403 lived in Ormside, Westmorland
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Katherine   Threlkeld (nee ?) Katherine   Threlkeld (nee ?) Margaret   St. John
Elizabeth   Grey Margaret   Dyneley Margaret or Isabel   Strickland

Henry, Sir   Threlkeld
b. 29 SEP 1398
d. 1452 of Threlkeld, Cumberland. Pre 29 Aug 1422 Knighted. 1428 - 1430 Escheator, Cumberland and Westmorland. Jan 1436 Commissioner to assess subsidy, Westmorland.
m. Margaret   Thornburgh or Alice ?. Henry, 1st Lord Vessy   Bromflete
d. 16 JAN 1468 subs. m., bef 27 April 1416, Joanna (c1380-1434), dau of Thomas de Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent, and Alice FitzAlan. Her 4th husband.  Lived in Londesborough, Yorks Nov 1432 - Nov 1433 Sheriff of Yorkshire and Constable of York Castle.
m. Eleanor   FitzHugh
b. ABT 1400
d. 30 SEP 1457 marr. 1st Philip 6th Lord Darcy de Knayth, marr.3rd Henry, 1st Lord Vessy, son of Sir Thomas Bromflete and Margaret St John. or d. c1438 at Lonsborough, Yorks
Nicholas, Sir   Radcliffe
b. BEF 1395
d. ABT 1453 25 Oct 1415 Knighted after fighting in the Battle of Agincourt.
m. Elizabeth   Derwentwater
b. ABT 1388
d. AFT 1459 b. 1383 - 1392. Owned: Castlerigg, Lord's Island, Derwentwater and Tallantire. Might possibly been dau. of John's father John instead.
William   Parr Baron of Kendale. Lived in Kendal, Westmorland m.  
Lancelot, Sir   Threlkeld
b. 1435 Melmerby, Yorkshire Melmerby, Yorkshire
d. 14 AUG 1483 of Threlkeld, Cumberland. 1452 Held Yanwath. other children: .Lancelot, Sir, b. ABT 1450, m. Eliza Ratcliffe Margaret, b. ABT 1459, m. Sir Christopher Moresby Anne, b. ABT 1463, m. Hugh Lowther Lancelot, Sir, b. ABT 1465 James, b. ABT 1467 Elizabeth, b. ABT 1469 Christopher, b. ABT 1471
m. Margaret, Baroness Clifford   Bromflete
b. 1436 Lonsborough, Yorkshire Lonsborough, Yorkshire
d. 12 APR 1493 Lonsborough, Yorkshire Lonsborough, Yorkshire Children by 1st marriage to John Clifford, Baron Clifford (1435-28Mar1461), were: Henry [Baron Clifford], Richard De Clifford, Thomas De Clifford, and Elizabeth.
Thomas   Radcliffe
b. ABT 1423
d. 25 NOV 1495 or 96 Lived in Derwentwater, Cumberland 1485 named as a devisee in the Will of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland.
m. Margaret   Parr
wife &

Anne 1463-
Jane 1463-1542
Lancelot, Sir Threlkeld
b. ABT 1460 Threlkeld Threlkeld
d. BEF 8 DEC 1512 Lived in Threlkeld, Cumberland. Last of the male line. 1492 Sheriff of Cumberland. 1501 Created a Knight of the Bath 1503 Escorted Margaret to Scotland to be married to James lV. of Scotland.
G17, ID=9215

Other wives: Margaret Neville,
Eliza Radcliffe
G17, ID=9216

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