John, Sir   Pennington
1393-1470 Age 22 at his father's death. Fought at the Battle of Agincourt. Gave refuge to King Henry Vl, at Muncaster Castle, after his defeat at the Battle of Towton Field, 29 Mar 1461 .
  Nicholas, Sir   Radcliffe
1395-1453 25 Oct 1415 Knighted after fighting in the Battle of Agincourt.
  Christopher   Broughton   Alan   Copeland
  John   Hudleston
1330-1398 Lived at Millom, Cumberland
  Nicholas, Sir   Harrington Lived in Farleton, Lancs   Alan   Fenwick of Fenwick   William   Leigh
-1429 of Isel, Cumberland. 1403 Constable of Cockermouth. 1399, 1412 & 1423 High Sheriff of Cumberland.
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Katherine   Tunstall
1390- dispensation to the marriage granted 18 April 1412, related in the third degree.
Elizabeth   Derwentwater
1388-1459 b. 1383 - 1392. Owned: Castlerigg, Lord's Island, Derwentwater and Tallantire. Might possibly been dau. of John's father John instead.
Elizabeth   Broughton (nee ?) Katherine   Hudleston
Catherine   Tempest alive in 1388 (Feet of Fines). Isabella   Engleys
  Agnes   Skelton

John   Pennington m. Elizabeth   Radcliffe
d. AFT 1482 alive in 1482
John   Broughton m. Margaret   Copeland also m. Rowland son of Richard KIRKBY & Isabella BARDSEY Richard   Hudleston
b. ABT 1380
d. 1428 Alive 1398
m. Margaret   Harrington Henry   Fenwick
b. 1401
d. BEF 14 SEP 1459 of Fenwick, Northumberland Warden of Cockermouth Castle. 1427 High Sheriff of Northumberland. 1436-1437, 1458-59 High Sheriff of Cumberland.
m. Joan   Leigh
John, Sir   Pennington
b. ABT 1436
d. 3 MAY 1512 1452 a yearly rent was settled on him and Isabel 1482 Made a Knight in Scotland during an expedition.
m. Isabel   Broughton
d. 1468
John   Hudleston
b. 1425
d. 6 NOV 1493 or 94 7th Lord of Millom. had 6 sons and 3 daughters. /Fought in the War of the Roses as a Yorkist. 1448 Living at Millom, Cumberland 1454, 63, 68, 72, 74 High Sheriff of Cumberland. 1461 Constable of Cockermouth Castle
m. Mary   Fenwick Alive in 1485.
wife &

Margaret Also marr. John, son of Thomas LAMPLUGH & Eleanor FENWICK
John Pennington
d. 28 JUN 1516 Lived in Muncaster, Cumberland, England. 1495 of the King's Household.
G17, ID=9196
Mary Hudleston
b. ABT 1460 est. Millom, Cumberland est. Millom, Cumberland
d. 1525
17 Jan 1526 Post Mortem at Carlisle Will: 20 May 1525. Bur. the choir of Cokarmothe, Richmond.
G17, ID=9197
Elizabeth -1526 or Isabel. second wife. Also marr. Edward Redman 1486 and Roger Tempest.
John, Sir 1440-1512 of Millum. 1482 and 1499 Sheriff of Gloucestershire.  14 Feb 1505 Constable of Gloucester Castle.  1 Dec 1505 High Sheriff of Cumberland 21 Feb 1486  Received a general pardon. 1489 Knighted. 23 Dec 1492  Made an Esquire of the Royal Body.
Richard, Sir 1443-1483 was at the Battle of Hutton Field in Scotland. 1482 Knighted by the Duke of Gloucester.
b. ABT 1485
Thomas Dykes
b. ABT 1484 Also marr. Margaret MARTINDALE.

Leonard ABT 1509-ABT 1594 Lived in Plumbland, Cumberland Will: 22 Jul 1593 Probate: 29 May 1594
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