Henry   Vereker son of Connel Vereker and Mary Godsell. Lived at Roxborough, Co. Limerick   Charles   Smyth
1693-1784 other children: Charles Lennox b. 1742 d. 24 MAY 1782, Dorothea b. 1737 d. 08 JUN 1739. has b. 1708
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Anne   Osborne
1709- marr.(1) 1729 in Dublin, Gregory Frencho (b. 1704) marr.(2) 1731 in Waterford, Henry Vereker (b. 1707 Roxborough Cork). Other children: Amos Vereker d. 18 Oct 1800 Mary Vereker d. 1762 Dorothy Vereker d. 1762 Harriet Vereker
Elizabeth   Prendergast
1701- Wikepedia says b. 1708. Dau. of Brig. Sir Thomas Prendergast, 1st Baronet, who was killed in action at the Battle of Malplaquet in 1709, and Penelope Cadogan, sister of William Cadogan, 1st Earl Cadog

Thomas   Vereker
b. 23 DEC 1737
d. 16 NOV 1801
m. Julianna Prendergast   Smyth
b. 1735
d. 13 JUL 1811 other children: Henry, 1760, John 1763-7 May 1836, Elizabeth 1765, Maria 1766, Harriet b. 1774 Roxborough Limerick m. 1795 in Limerick Ralph Westropp (b. 1770 Limerick, d. 1838), Julia 1768.
  m.     m.     m.  
Charles Prendagast, Lord   Vereker
b. 1768 Galway Galway
d. 11 NOV 1842 Dublin Dublin MP for Limerick. 2nd Viscount Gort, inherited from his uncle in 1816. Other children: Julia, Jane, Georgina.
m. Jane   Westropp
b. 1760 Attylflin Attylflin
d. 9 FEB 1796 dau. of Ralph Westropp and Mary Johnson; marr. 1st William Stamer, d. bef 1789. other Vereker children: Julia d. 14 Feb 1866, Georgina d. 1847. or d. 19 Feb 1798
Standish, Lord   O'Grady
b. 1766 for many years Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Ireland, was created Viscount Guillamore, 28 Jan 1831.
m. Katherine   Waller
d. 1853 2nd dau. John-Thomas Waller, Esq. of Castletown, co. Limerick
wife &

  John Prendergast, Lord Vereker
b. 1 JUL 1790 Brussels
d. 20 OCT 1865 Cowes, Isle of Wight 3rd Viscount Gort. MP for Limerick.
G5, ID=6926
Maria O'Grady
b. 1794
d. 4 APR 1854
G5, ID=6929
Standish Prendergast, Lord
b. 6 JUL 1819 Dublin Dublin
d. 9 JAN 1900 Marylebone Marylebone 4th Viscount Gort
Caroline Harriet, Hon. Gage
b. 23 JUL 1823 Worcestershire Worcestershire
d. 8 MAY 1888 Marylebone Marylebone dau. of Henry Hall Gage, 4th Viscount Gage
John Prendergast, Hon.
b. 1822
d. 1891
Louisa Medlicott
b. ABT 1830 est.
d. 1906 dau. of George Medlicott, of Dublin
Henry Prendergast, Hon.
b. 1824
d. 1904
Louisa Elizabeth Mary Gosset
d. 1920 dau. of George Bagot Gosset.
Maria Corinna
b. ABT 1827 est.
d. 20 JUL 1856
Christian Monteith Hamilton
b. 1825
d. 10 JAN 1885
Richard Prendergast. Hon.
b. 1829
d. 1865
Adolphus Edward Prendergast, Hon.
b. 1833
d. 1864

Corinna Julia, Hon. -1945
Laline Maria, Hon. -1929
Mabel Elizabeth, Hon. -1930
Isolda Caroline, Hon. -1927
Elizabeth Maria -19 JUL 1958
John Gage Prendergast, Lord 24 JAN 1849-15 AUG 1902 5th Viscount Gort
Foley Charles Prendergast, Hon. 1850-1900
Standish William Prendergast, Hon. 1854-1879
Jeffrey Edward Prendergast, Hon. 1858-1940
George Medlicott 10 JAN 1860-26 SEP 1924
Maria Corinna 1861-1890
John Medlicott 1863-1940
Emily Henrietta 1864- has issue
6 children John (Ian) Standish Monteith, Sir 16 JAN 1853-12 OCT 1947 Commanded the British forces at Gallipoli. ļIan and Jean adopted Harold Stone Knight, later commissioned into the Scots Guards and subsequently killed in action in Libya in 1941, and Rosaleen James, who married and lived abroad. Monument in the crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, was unveiled by Sir Winston Churchill, on 6 Nov 1957.
Vereker Monteith 14 FEB 1856-1931 Lived in London and later at Cowden in Kent. For other descendants see
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