Andrew   Blackburn of Glasgow                        
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
  Margaret   Aitoun

James   Wedderburn-Colville
b. 1729
d. 14 DEC 1807 3rd & youngest son of Sir John Wedderburn, 5th Baronet, who fought at Culloden, was later taken prisoner, and executed on Kennington Common in November 1746. Assumed the name of Wedderburn Colville in
m. Isabella   Blackburn
b. 4 FEB 1756
d. 14 JAN 1821 Monumental inscription no. 61 in Inveresk Kirkyard . Great grand-niece and heir of the last Lord Colville of Ochiltree.
  m.     m.     m.  
James   Wedderburn-Colville
b. 12 NOV 1782
d. 7 NOV 1822 St. Mary's Isle, Kirkcudbright These children are from  TWS has Jean, Janet (instead of Jemima) and one more daughter who m. ?? Mackenzie and had 1 son & 5 daughters.
m. Isabella   Clerk
d. 2 NOV 1865 dau. of James CLERK and Janet IRVING. Sister of Sir George Clerk of Penicuik and of John Clerk Maxwell (father of James Clerk Maxwell)
wife &

James 1814-1863 Buried in Brompton Cemetery. ¤In Nov. 1836 he entered the army as assistant surgeon to the Coldstream Guards. In 1838 he went with the regiment to Canada but was afterwards with the Scots Greys. 1851 census: lodging at 118 Jermyn Street, London.
George 1817-1865
John 1820-1879 Bengal Army.
Jean 1823- Children given by TWS: John, James, Isabella, Marion, Jean, Peter, Andrew, Colin, Agnes, Adam, Hugh, Mary, Arthur.
Jemima 1823-1909 TWS calls her Janet. ‚Biography 'Jemima, the Memoirs of a Victorian Artist', ed. by Robt. Fairley, pub. 1988 (Canongate). Bought Roshven Estate in 1854.
Andrew Wedderburn-Maxwell
b. 16 DEC 1821 Edinburgh
d. 12 MAY 1896
Madras Civil Service In 1879 he succeeded his cousin, James Clerk-Maxwell, in the estates of Middlebie, Dumfriesshire, and Glenair, Kirkcudbrightshire, and 'took name and arms of Maxwell'.
G2, ID=5530
Joanna Keir
G2, ID=5563
James Andrew Colvile
b. 1849 Madras, India Madras, India On the death of his father in 1896 James succeeded to Glenlair, Kirkcudbrightshire and assumed the additional surname of Maxwell.
Living Relative
Francis Edward Keir
b. 11 MAR 1857
d. 1 FEB 1893
Charles Alexander
b. 1858
d. 13 NOV 1882

Dorothy Helen 20 AUG 1892- Christened in Bearsted Kent. b. before her father adopted the name Maxwell.
John 20 JUL 1894- The birth cert. shows the child's name as 'Henry' but adds that the 'given name' was John.
Maud 11 OCT 1895- Christened in St Ninian's Castle Douglas.
Henry Godfrey 31 JUL 1897- Christened in St Ninian's Episcopal Ch.
James 1899- Christened in St Ninian's Episcopal Ch.
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