James   Dunlop
1655-1719 of Garnkirk. Had 16 children.
      John   Stirling
1677-1736 18th of Cadder Burgess & Provost (1728) of Glasgow
  Andrew   Buchanan
1690-1759 Second son. Bought Drumpellier in 1735 from David Colquhoun of London. Also a partner in King's Street Sugar House, and one of the six founders of the Ship Bank. Provost of Glasgow in 1740. /
      Robert   Luke Also a proprietor of an iron-works near the north side of the quay at Breamie-law
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
    Lilias   Campbell
1675-1709 only child of Robert Campbell of North Woodside
  Isobella   Hunter
Mary (or Marion)   Montgomerie of Boutrehill or Bewtree   Jonnett   Stirling

  m.   Colin   Dunlop
b. 7 JAN 1706
d. 13 AUG 1777 of Carmyle. Virginia merchant. 6th son of the 16 children of James Dunlop of Garnkirk and his 1st wife . Probably the Colin Dunlop that was Provost of Glasgow 1770-1772.
m. Martha   Bogle
b. 1719
d. 1768 dau. of John Bogle of Hamilton Farm (ca.1679-1752) and Janet Miller (daughter of Matthew Miller of Glenlee, Kirkcudbrightshire) or possisbly grand-daughter of Janet?
William   Stirling
b. 28 JUL 1717
d. 3 MAY 1777 Founded 'William Stirling & Sons' fought at Culloden Burgess of Glasgow (admitted 14 Feb 1745) IGI also lists a dau Marian c. 26 Jun 1750
m. Mary   Buchanan
b. 1730
d. 25 DEC 1806
George   Bogle
b. 14 APR 1732
d. 3 DEC 1808 5th child of Robert Baile Bogle of Shettleston (b. 1691) and his 2nd wife Agnes, daughter of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Bart.
m. Isabella   Luke
Thomas   Donald
b. 1745
d. 1798 of Geilston
m. Janet   Dunlop
b. 28 APR 1743 Glasgow Glasgow
John   Stirling
b. 2 OCT 1752
d. 1811 2nd of the 3 sons who carried on William Stirling & Sons until 1816. On 3 Nov 1789 bought the house of William Cunninghame that later became the Royal Exchange (see  Sold in 1817 to Royal Bank of Scotland. > Built, for his country house, Tullichewan Castle, near Balloch. IGI also lists sons Andrew, b. 31 Jan 1787 & John b. 06 Feb 1792, and dau's Agnes Bogle, b. 03 May 1788, & Anna b. 19 Jan 1790.
m. Janet   Bogle
b. 1755 prob. prob.
d. 1822 1st child
wife &

  Colin Dunlop Donald
b. 7 MAR 1777
d. 18 SEP 1859 Glasgow √son of Thomas Donald of Geilston (a Virginia Merchant or Tobacco Lord) and Janet, daughter of Provost Colin Dunlop, of Carmyle. Commissary clerk of Glasgow (1817-1824) and Lanarkshire (1824-1858)
G5, ID=4944
Marion Stirling
b. 5 JAN 1785 Glasgow
d. ABT 1825
G5, ID=4937
Janet 1776-
Mary 1779- married 2nd ? Stanhope
William 1780-1847 of Dalquhairn. IGI also lists a son Edward b. 12 Mar 1821 and a dau Catherine b. 08 Sep 1812
Isabella 1781-
George 1783-1864
James 1796- of Tullichewan (which he sold)
b. 2 NOV 1813 Glasgow Glasgow
d. 17 OCT 1887 Glasgow Glasgow
Frances Maxwell
b. 4 APR 1815 Glasgow Glasgow
d. 21 SEP 1889 Glasgow Glasgow 4th child of 13 of William Maxwell (14/12/1772 -c1846) and Mary Campbell (6/8/1783-)
John Stirling
b. 30 SEP 1814 Glasgow
d. 17 FEB 1900 Kensington, London emigrated to Australia before 1850, returned to Britain and settled in Cheltenham before 1857. In 1863 J. Stirling Donald of Cheltenham donated to Eastbourne a lifeboat, the 'Mary Stirling'. When hi
Mary Stirling
b. 16 NOV 1818 Glasgow
d. 16 FEB 1867 Cheltenham, Gloucestershire Scottish archives have her will: sometime resident at Rockfort, Helensburgh, thereafter in Australia, afterwards at Cheltenham. ásis-parents.txt says 'Married Hugh Millar at Glasgow, 24 Jun 1835. Died at Donora, Washington, PA. USA. Buried at Smithfield, PA, USA.'
Colin Dunlop
b. 5 SEP 1815 Glasgow Glasgow
d. 16 DEC 1886 Glasgow Glasgow 200 Bath St. Partner in M'Grigor, Donald & Co. Lived at Fullarton House, Lanarkshire.
Helen Bogle Hamilton
b. 6 AUG 1818 Glasgow Glasgow
d. BEF 1881 dau. of Archibald Hamiton of Woodside (18/7/1784-1860) and Margaret Bogle (1/9/1788-) (head of the Bogle family of Shettleston). 1841: with father and sister Matilda at 320 St. Vincent St., Barony 1861: with husband and 4 children at at 10 Woodlands Terrace, Glasgow 1871: with husband and 2 daughters at 5 Woodside Crescent, Glasgow 1881: husband described as 'widow' with son & 2 dau.s at 200 Bath St., Barony.
b. 3 NOV 1816
Louisa Ruth Edwards
b. ABT 1833
b. 26 APR 1818 Glasgow Glasgow
James Dunlop
b. 1 AUG 1811 Edinburgh
d. 19 FEB 1893 Glasgow of Tollcross
Martha Matilda
b. 2 AUG 1820 Glasgow Glasgow
b. 14 JAN 1822 Glasgow Glasgow 1841 census at St. Enochs Sq., Glasgow unmarried in 1878
b. 27 JUN 1823 Glasgow Glasgow
d. 24 JAN 1886 Glasgow Glasgow sometime residing at Glasgow, afterwards at Marion Lodge, Helensburgh. unmarried in 1878
b. 29 APR 1824 Glasgow Glasgow
d. 5 OCT 1877 Lisle House, Cheltenham Lisle House, Cheltenham Like his elder brother, William apparently emigrated to Australia before 1854, returned to Britain with his family and settled in Cheltenham before 1861. In 1871 William was a stockholder in Victoria,
Mary Anne McLachlan
b. ABT 1832 Scotland Scotland
d. BEF 31 MAR 1901 Cheltenham Cheltenham 1881: at Lisle House, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham
Ann Grahame
b. 5 SEP 1825 Glasgow Glasgow 1841 census at St. Enochs Sq., Glasgow
Count de Reshach

Colin Dunlop 1848-14 MAR 1895
Mary Maxwell 25 JUN 1850-20 OCT 1886
William Alexander ABT 1852-
Thomas Francis 2 NOV 1853- Lived at 196 Bath St., with John R. Donald, in 1890.
John Robert 4 MAR 1857- work: Donald and Co., 104 West George St. Lived at 196 Bath St., with Thomas F. Donald, in 1890.
Colin Dunlop 1851-10 JUN 1889 1871: commercial clerk, lodged in Glasgow 1881: at 14 Grosvenor Pl. South, Cheltenham
William Stirling ABT 1852-25 JUN 1883
Katherine Kerr 1854- 1861: Cheltenham
Mary Eleanor Stirling 13 FEB 1857-
Colin G. D. ABT 1855-
Matilda Margaret 14 JUN 1856-
Archibald Hamilton 17 APR 1858- writer of M'Grigor, Donald and Co., 172 St. Vincent St., 1891: lived at 8 Blythswood Sq., Glasgow
Helen Mary 28 SEP 1859-
Colin James ABT 1857- A Colin James Donald (b. abt 1857) died at Elham, Kent, near Folkestone, 1st qtr 1902
Marianne 1858-
Kate 1861- 1881; a Katie Donald (b. 1861 Falmouth, Cornwall) was a visitor at Kensington, London. 1891: Kate (b. 1862 Cornwall) was in Kent with her family.
Louisa Catherine 1863-
Gertrude 1865-
Harry Edwards 1868-
Jane Mary 15 NOV 1847-10 JUN 1900 Scottish archives have the will of Jane Mary Dunlop, sometime residing at Tollcross House, near Glasgow, thereafter at 53 Great King St., Edinburgh
George James 20 OCT 1849- 1881: at Fullarton House, Old Monkland
Isabella Georgina 8 FEB 1851-23 APR 1901 Scottish archives have her will, 53 Gt. King St., Edinburgh.
Janet Jemima 19 OCT 1855-
      Mary Ann Emily 1854-
William Stirling ABT 1857- 1881: Lisle House, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham
Flora Frances Mary MAY 1858- 1871: at Cheltenham
Leslie Montague 1861-
Herbert Maxwell 1863-
Robert M. ABT 1864-
Archibald D. 1866- 1881: at Rugby School
Elizabeth Georgina 1866- twin of Archibald /1881: at Lisle House, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham
Henry Cecil 1869-1904
Constance Helen 1872- 1881: at Lisle House, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham
Eveline Blanche 1875-8 MAR 1937 1881: Lisle House, Clarence Sq., Cheltenham. Died suddenly after an operation at London (Times).
One son
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