Alexander   Buchanan of Gartacharan   George   Buchanan 2nd of Gartincaber. Also had a son John Buchanan, 1st Laird of Blairlusk.                        
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
  Elizabeth   Leckie            

Andrew   Buchanan
d. 1660 of Gartacharan near Drymen
m.   Buchanan Gabriel   Maxwell or Minister in Glasgow m. Eliza   Cuming   m.     m.  
George   Buchanan second son. Fought at Bothwell Bridge. Lived at Buchanan House, Glasgow. Baillie of Glasgow. m. Mary   Maxwell   m.  
wife &

Neill -1777 M.P. for the Glasgow Burghs 1741-1747. Owned the estate of Hillington, which passed to his brother, Archibald. One son and three daughters, none of whom have living descendants.
Archibald -1761 3rd son. Partner in the Glasgow Arms Bank. Owned Auchintorlie in Dumbartonshire (which had been his brother Andrew's) and Hillington in Renfrewshire (which had been his brother Neil's).
George City Treasurer 1726, Bailie 1732 and 1738. Built himself a fine mansion on the north side of Argyle Street.
Andrew Buchanan
b. 1690
d. 1759
Virginia Merchant Second son. Bought Drumpellier in 1735 from David Colquhoun of London. Also a partner in King's Street Sugar House, and one of the six founders of the Ship Bank. Provost of Glasgow in 1740. /
G7, ID=3628

Other wives: Elizabeth Binning,
Mary (or Marion) Montgomerie
of Boutrehill or Bewtree
G7, ID=3629
4 daughters James
d. 1786 Elder son. Provost of Glasgow, 1768 and 1774. Arms recorded in Lyon Register Volume 1, p. 261, 25 May 1761. Ruined in the tobacco crash of 1777 and sold Drumpellier to his nephew Andrew Stirling.
Margaret Hamilton dau. of the Hon. John Hamilton, son of the 6th Earl of Haddington.
b. 1728
d. 20 JUL 1762 of Lang Croft & of Mount Vernon (bought 1758 from Adam Fairholm)
Lilias Dunlop of Garnkirk. Sister of Provost Colin Dunlop of Carmyle
b. 1730
d. 25 DEC 1806
William Stirling
b. 28 JUL 1717
d. 3 MAY 1777 Founded 'William Stirling & Sons' fought at Culloden Burgess of Glasgow (admitted 14 Feb 1745) IGI also lists a dau Marian c. 26 Jun 1750

Andrew -1776
Marion 1754-
David 1760-1827 Worked in Virginia. inherited Mount Vernon and to bought back Drumpellier in 1808 from Andrew Stirling. Adopted the middle name Carrick after inheriting a fortune from a partner in the Ship Bank Robert (Robin) Carrick, d
John 4 APR 1749-18 APR 1749
Marion 22 FEB 1750-28 APR 1800
Andrew 7 FEB 1751-29 MAR 1823 of Cadder and Drumpellier (bought 1781). Founded: 1/10/1792, Commission House of Stirling, Hunter & Co. London, which became Andrew Stirling & Co. when Mr D. Hunter left.
John 2 OCT 1752-1811 2nd of the 3 sons who carried on William Stirling & Sons until 1816. On 3 Nov 1789 bought the house of William Cunninghame that later became the Royal Exchange (see  Sold in 1817 to Royal Bank of Scotland. > Built, for his country house, Tullichewan Castle, near Balloch. IGI also lists sons Andrew, b. 31 Jan 1787 & John b. 06 Feb 1792, and dau's Agnes Bogle, b. 03 May 1788, & Anna b. 19 Jan 1790.
Isobel 3 JUN 1754-12 DEC 1766
James 10 MAR 1756-25 DEC 1758
Elizabeth 18 FEB 1758-JAN 1827
James 20 JAN 1760-3 JAN 1822 of Stair. IGI lists daughters Margaret Stewart 27 Sep 1784 and Margaret 17 May 1800.
Margaret 14 OCT 1761-3 JAN 1767
Agnes 14 SEP 1763-18 JUL 1848
William 22 AUG 1765-7 NOV 1768
George 20 AUG 1768-15 AUG 1790 d. of consumption
Robert 1772- acc. to Margaret Lenfestey, not in TWS.
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