Andrew   Stirling
1751-1823 of Cadder and Drumpellier (bought 1781). Founded: 1/10/1792, Commission House of Stirling, Hunter & Co. London, which became Andrew Stirling & Co. when Mr D. Hunter left.
  James   Mangles
1762-1838 of Woodbridge Manor, Stoke-by-Guildford. For his family see tree of Doreen Rice (nee Foster) on GenesReunited.
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
            Anna Dorothea   Stirling
Mary   Hughes

  m.     m.     m.   James, Sir   Stirling
b. 28 JAN 1791
d. 23 APR 1865 Founder & 1st Governor of W. Australia
m. Ellen   Mangles
b. 4 SEP 1807
d. 8 JUN 1874
  m.   James Alexander   Guthrie
b. 1823 or 1832 or 1832
d. 17 JAN 1873 4th of Craigie, lived in Portland Place, London
m. Ellinor   Stirling
b. 1838 or 1840 or 1840
d. 9 MAY 1911 or 9 May 1919 or 9 May 1919
wife &

James Rennell, Lord Rodd
b. 9 NOV 1858 London London
d. 26 JUL 1941 Ardath, Shamley Green, Surrey
Diplomat 1st Baron Rennell of Rodd only son of Major James Rennell Rodd (1812-1892) and his wife Elizabeth Thomson, daughter of Anthony Todd Thomson. British Ambassador to Italy during WW1,_1st_Baron_Rennell
G2, ID=3612
Georgina Lilias Guthrie
b. 1864
d. 20 SEP 1951
'Lily' or 'Tiger Lil'
G2, ID=3608
Beatrice Mary 1851-1926 'Bea'
AEmilia Margaret 1858-1924 'Maggie'
Agnes Dorothea 1860-1941 'Black Ag' 'Taggers'
David Charles 1861-1918
Rose Ellinor 1863-1908
Violet Hunter 1866-1953 'Vi'
James 1867-1911
(Walter) Murray 1869-1911 lived at Torosay Castle, Isle of Mull
Francis James Rennell, Lord
b. 25 OCT 1895
d. 15 MAR 1978 2nd Baron Rennell President of the Royal Geographic Society 1945-1948,_2nd_Baron_Rennell
Mary Constance Vivian, Hon. Smith
b. 5 NOV 1901
d. 31 MAY 1981 dau. of Vivian Hugh Smith, 1st Baron Bicester, and Lady Sybil Mary McDonnell.
Christopher John
b. ABT 1897
d. ABT 1997 Egypt Egypt
Evelyn Violet Elizabeth, Lady
b. 18 MAR 1899
d. 10 OCT 1980 Baroness Emmet of Amberley
Thomas Addis Emmet
b. 1900
d. 3 JUN 1934 of Amberley Castle, Sussex, son of Major Robert Emmet
Gloria Elinor
b. 1901
d. 1978 'Golly'
Simon Edmund Vincent Paul Elwes
b. 29 JUN 1902 Hothorpe Hall, Northampton
d. 1976 or 6 Aug 1975 in Sussex son of Gervase Henry Elwes and Lady Winefride Mary Elizabeth Feilding, daughter of Rudolph William Basil Feilding, 8th Earl of Denbigh and 7th Earl of Desmond (1823 - 1892), Lt.-Col., Tenth Hussars, o
Peter Murray Rennell, Hon.
b. 16 APR 1904
d. 1968 childless childless 'Prodd'
Nancy Freeman-Mitford
b. 28 NOV 1904
d. 1973 Authoress daughter of David Bertram Ogilvy Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale and Sydney Bowles.
Gustaf Guthrie Rennell
b. 13 JUL 1905
d. 1974 OBE, 'Taffy'?
Living Relative
Living Relative

Living Relative
Living Relative
Living Relative
Living Relative
  Living Relative
Christopher Anthony Robert 1925-1996
Living Relative
Living Relative
Giles Gervase 1927-1929
Living Relative
Dominic Evelyn Bede 17 AUG 1931-1976 educ. Downside. Painter, eloped with Tessa Kennedy despite a court order not to marry. Best friend of Lord Lucan.
Living Relative
  Saul David Rennell 24 SEP 1933-1966
(John Adrian) Tremayne, Lord 28 JUN 1935-9 DEC 2006 3rd Baron Rennell, educ. Downside, played rugby for Scotland.
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