John   Bouch
1770-1830 Moved from Cumberland to London. Buried in St Magnus Martyr, Lower Thames St.
  Nicholas   Lowther
1780-1833 THE LOWTHERS OF GT ORTON AN EARLY 19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF NICHOLAS LOWTHER (1780-1833) oils, from an original portrait by Andrew Geddes ARA (1783-1844). 91.5cm x 71.5cm. A 19TH CENTURY PORTRAIT OF MARGARET LOWTHER, sister to Nicholas, oils, painted by Andrew Geddes, 76cm x 63cm. (2) *** Margaret married John Bouch and both portraits have come by family descent to the present owner. Sold at auction for 420 on 21/3/2007
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
            Jane   Jefferson
Mary   Liddell
1783-1859 of St James, Piccadilly. Prob. the Mary Liddell christened 28 Jan 1783 Saint Giles, Great Orton, dau of Joseph & Margaret Liddell (IGI)

  m.     m.     m.   John   Bouch
b. 30 MAR 1811
d. 29 MAR 1895 of Coombe Lea, Bickley. Head of firm of 'Manchester merchants' in 7-8 Bread St., City of London. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Groomy says d. in 1893.
m. Margaret   Lowther
b. 27 SEP 1814
d. 31 MAR 1860 Auction catalogue said she was Nicholas's sister
  m.   Morrell, Dr Sir   MacKenzie
b. 7 JUL 1837 742 High Road, Leytonstone, Essex!742 High Road, Leytonstone, Essex
d. 3 FEB 1892 Marylebone, London Marylebone, London Son of Dr. Stephen Mackenzie (1803-51), who was the elder (or eldest) son of the Rev. John Mackenzie. Heritage plaque at his birthplace, 742 High Road, Leytonstone. Lived i> n Wimpole St and then 19 Harley St. Bur. Wargrave, Berkshire.
m. Margaret   Bouch
b. 10 APR 1839 St Pancras (IGI) St Pancras (IGI)
d. 13 FEB 1909 St. Andrews Place, Regent's Park St. Andrews Place, Regent's Park drank too much. After Morell died she moved to The Little House, Wargrave, which he had bought some years before. After 1916 lived with either Ethel or Olga.
wife &

Benjamin Hannen
b. 1863 Paddington, London Paddington, London
d. ABT 1942
Partner in building firm Eldest son of the head of the firm Holland, Hannen & Cubitt. Brothers Ted & Lance.
G2, ID=3402
Olga Muriel Morrell MacKenzie
b. 1873 2nd qtr, Marylebone 2nd qtr, Marylebone
d. BEF 1953
m. at 19; Groomy was a bridesmaid. Lived at Ousely's, Wargrave and St Andrew's Place, Regent's Park. Bought an Elizabethan house 'Great Surreys' near East Grinstead.
G2, ID=3401
Henry Harvey Morell 1864-1916 Harrow School. Drank too heavily. Had leg amputated after accident in a dogcart. Thereafter lived at Wargrave.
Kenneth Morrel, Dr 1867-1915 lived in Morland, Cumbria in 1906. Drank too much.
Ethel Margaret Morrell 1869-1929 engaged previously to Theodore's brother Reginald (1863-1943), who became an MP and Chancellor of the Exchequer  Died of cancer. Obit. The Times 11 Sep 1929.
Hilda Marian Morell 1871-1916 Lived at Scatwell, the house built by her father in the grounds of The Little House at Wargrave. Died of drink shortly after her brothers.
Muriel H G
b. ABT 1894 Lived in 'Little Surreys' in the grounds of 'Great Surreys'. Then in Esher. Moved to Wiltshire when Gee retired.
Living Relative
b. AFT 1895
d. 1954 Benjamin Rodney?

Living Relative
Living Relative
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