Alexander, 1st Lord Ashburton   Baring
1774-1848 MP 1806-1835 Founder of Barings Bank  genealogy:
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
  Anne Louisa   Bingham

Henry Frederick, 3rd Marquess of Bath   Thynne
b. 24 MAY 1797
d. 24 JUN 1837 son of Sir Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath and Hon. Isabella Elizabeth Byng
m. Harriet   Baring
b. 3 MAY 1804
d. 2 JAN 1892
  m.     m.     m.  
John Alexander, 4th Marquess of Bath   Thynne
b. 1 MAR 1831
d. 20 APR 1896 Chairman of Wiltshire County Council. Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire 1889-1896
m. Frances Isabella Catherine   Vesey
b. 26 MAY 1840
d. 31 OCT 1915 dau. of Thomas Vesey, 3rd Viscount de Vesci and Lady Emma Herbert
Sir Charles   Mordaunt
b. 28 APR 1836
d. 15 OCT 1897 10th Bt.
m. Harriett Sarah Moncreiffe  
b. 7 FEB 1848
d. 9 MAY 1906 dau. of Sir Thomas Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 7th Bt. and Lady Louisa Hay-Drummond. Divorced on 11 March 1875. After the divorce her family claimed she was insane and had her incarcerated in asylums for
wife &

Alice Emma, Lady 1863-1942
Katherine Georgina Louisa 1865-1933
Beatrice, Lady 1867-1941
John Boteville, Lord 1867-1887
Alexander George 1873-1918 of Norton Hall, Daventry. Served in S. Africa.
Thomas Henry, 5th Marquess of Bath Thynne
b. 15 JUL 1862 The Stable Yard, St. James's, London
d. 9 JUN 1946
G2, ID=3215
Violet Caroline Mordaunt
b. 28 FEB 1869 Walton Hall, Warwickshire
d. 29 MAY 1928
dau. of Sir Charles Mordaunt, 10th Bt. and Harriett Sarah Moncreiffe
G2, ID=3216
(Alice) Kathleen Violet, Lady
b. 27 MAR 1891
Oliver Hugh, Hon. Stanley
d. 13 FEB 1952 son of Edward Lyulph Stanley, 4th Baron Sheffield and Mary Katherine Bell
Emma Margery, Lady
b. 5 JUL 1893
William Bingham Compton
b. 6 AUG 1885
d. 1978
John Alexander, Viscount Weymouth
b. 29 NOV 1895
d. 13 FEB 1916 in action in action
Mary Beatrice, Lady
b. 6 MAY 1903
d. 11 DEC 1974

James Ulick Francis Canning, Sir Alexander
b. 10 FEB 1889
d. 4 APR 1973 Rt. Hon., son of James Dalison Alexander and Lady Emily Harriet Catherine Boyle
Charles John, 3rd Baron Nunburnholme Wilson
b. 25 APR 1904
d. 1974 son of Charles Henry Wellesley Wilson, 2nd Baron Nunburnholme and Lady Marjorie Cecilia Wynn-Carington
Henry Frederick, 6th Marquess of Bath
b. 26 JAN 1905
d. 30 JUN 1992

Living Relative
Daphne Winifred Louise, Hon. Vivian
b. 11 JUL 1904
d. 5 DEC 1997 dau. of George Crespigny Brabazon Vivian, 4th Baron Vivian and Barbara Fanning

Mary 18 FEB 1921-25 FEB 1921
John Norman 24 JAN 1922-21 DEC 1947
Martin Oliver 9 JAN 1924-21 DEC 1947
Living Relative
Living Relative
    Ben Charles, 4th Baron Nunburnholme 16 JUL 1928-ABT 11 AUG 1998
Living Relative
Charles Thomas, Lord 27 MAY 1935-2000 5th Baron Nunburnholme
Caroline Jane, Lady 28 AUG 1928-22 APR 1995
Thomas Timothy 13 OCT 1929-14 SEP 1930
Living Relative
Living Relative
Valentine Charles 3 NOV 1937-7 JUL 1979
Living Relative
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