William   Stirling
1717-1777 Founded 'William Stirling & Sons' fought at Culloden Burgess of Glasgow (admitted 14 Feb 1745) IGI also lists a dau Marian c. 26 Jun 1750
  George   Bogle
1732-1808 5th child of Robert Baile Bogle of Shettleston (b. 1691) and his 2nd wife Agnes, daughter of Sir Archibald Stewart of Blackhall, Bart.
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Mary   Buchanan
Isabella   Luke            

John   Stirling
b. 2 OCT 1752
d. 1811 2nd of the 3 sons who carried on William Stirling & Sons until 1816. On 3 Nov 1789 bought the house of William Cunninghame that later became the Royal Exchange (see  Sold in 1817 to Royal Bank of Scotland. > Built, for his country house, Tullichewan Castle, near Balloch. IGI also lists sons Andrew, b. 31 Jan 1787 & John b. 06 Feb 1792, and dau's Agnes Bogle, b. 03 May 1788, & Anna b. 19 Jan 1790.
m. Janet   Bogle
b. 1755
d. 1822 1st child
James   Ritchie of Craigton and Busby one of the four Glasgow 'Virginians' m.     m.     m.  
William   Stirling
b. 31 MAR 1780 Glasgow
d. 29 JAN 1847 Dalquhairn, Glasgow of Dalquhairn. IGI also lists a son Edward b. 12 Mar 1821 and a dau Catherine b. 08 Sep 1812
m. Margaret Hamilton   Ritchie
b. 12 JUL 1781 Govan, Lanarks Govan, Lanarks
d. 14 JAN 1862 Stockbriggs, Lesmahagow, Lanarks Stockbriggs, Lesmahagow, Lanarks dau. of James Ritchie (1722-1799) of Craigton & Busbie, one of the 'four Virginians' of Glasgow, and Katherine Kerr (b. 1745 Govan).
wife &

John 1804-1828 d. in action leading the assault against the Fort of Dundhootie while attached to the cavalry of the Nizam. Monument in Glasgow Cathedral.
George 1806-
Janet 1808-
Henry 1809-
William 1811-1889 Sold the firm of William Stirling & Sons some years before his death. Info on him from Margaret McNeil via GenesReunited was wrong.
Catherine 1812-
Margaret Hamilton 1813-1891 1841 census has them with step-children Jane (1826), Anne (1827), William (1828), children Margaret (1836), James (1838) John (1840) and 9 servants at Stockbriggs, Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire.
Charles 1814-1896
Andrew Bogle 1816-
Charlotte Lilias 1817-1886
Mary 1818-1867 Scottish archives have her will: sometime resident at Rockfort, Helensburgh, thereafter in Australia, afterwards at Cheltenham. ‡sis-parents.txt says 'Married Hugh Millar at Glasgow, 24 Jun 1835. Died at Donora, Washington, PA. USA. Buried at Smithfield, PA, USA.'
Elinor 1820-
Anna 1822-
Richard 1824-1903 of Craigwallace, Bridge of Allan. Miranda Banks has some letters from him to his dau. Margaret (e-mail 4/4/09).
James Stirling
b. 24 MAY 1805 or 21st, Glasgow
d. 19 MAY 1883 unmaried, Helensburgh, Scotland
Gentleman Merchant of Cordale partner in William Stirling & Sons, retired 1849 ‚ - from Memoirs and portraits of one hundred Glasgow men by James MacLehose, 1886
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