Thomas   Willing
1731-1821 /Had 12 children in all. Went to school in Bath, studied law in London at the Inner Temple. Mayor of Philadelphia 1763-4. Delegate to the Continental Congress. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. President of the Bank of North Am
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
      Anne   McCall
1745-1781 dau. of Samuel McCall and Ann Searle

Francis, Sir   Baring
b. 18 APR 1740
d. 12 SEP 1810 1st Bt. lived at Hill Street, London, and Beddington, Surrey. Founded Baring Brothers & Co. Chairman East India Co.
m. Harriet   Herring
b. 18 MAY 1750
d. 3 DEC 1804 dau. of William Herring and Montague Dorothy Dawson
William   Bingham
b. 8 MAR 1752
d. 7 FEB 1804 trader and land developer /helped found the Bank of North America in 1781 US Senator 1795 to 1801, Senate President pro tem 1795-7 has memorial in Bath Abbey
m. Anne "Nancy"   Willing
b. 1764
  m.     m.  
Alexander, 1st Lord Ashburton   Baring
b. OCT 1774
d. 13 MAY 1848 MP 1806-1835 Founder of Barings Bank  genealogy:
m. Anne Louisa   Bingham
b. ABT 1781 est.
d. 1848
wife &

William Bingham, 2nd Lord Ashburton 1799-1864 MP 1826-1848. Secretary of the Board of Control 1841-5, Paymaster-General 1845-6.
Anne Eugenia 1803-1839
Harriet 1804-1892
Frederick 1806-1868
Alexander 1810-1832
Louisa Emily 1814-1888
Lydia Emily 1816-1868
Arthur 1818-1838
Francis 3rd Lord Ashburton Baring
b. 24 MAY 1800
d. 6 SEP 1868
G3, ID=2861
Hortense Eugenie Claire Maret
b. ABT 1805 est.
d. 15 DEC 1882
dau of Hugues Bernard Marey, Duke of Bassano a minister of Napoleon I
G3, ID=2862
Marie Anne Louise, Hon.
b. 1833
d. 8 APR 1928 childless childless
William Henry, 6th Duke of Grafton Fitzroy
b. 5 AUG 1819
d. 21 MAY 1882 son of Henry Fitzroy, 5th Duke of Grafton and Mary Caroline Berkeley óMP for Thetford 1847 to 1863 when he became Duke. Spent the winter and spring each year at HyŤres because he and his wife both suffered from ill health
Alexander Hugh, 4th Baron Ashburton
b. 4 MAY 1835
d. 18 JUL 1889 Bath House, Piccadilly Bath House, Piccadilly MP for Thetford 1857-1867
Leonora Caroline, Hon. Digby
b. 8 NOV 1844
d. 19 AUG 1930 dau. of Edward St. Vincent Digby, 9th Baron Digby and Lady Theresa Anna Maria Fox-Strangways
Denzil Hugh, Hon.
b. 1837
d. 26 MAY 1886 Nice, France Nice, France unmarried

  Francis Denzil Edward, 5th Baron 20 JUL 1866-27 MAR 1938
Frederick Arthur, Hon. 18 SEP 1867-26 FEB 1961
Alexander Henry, Hon. 4 SEP 1869-21 JAN 1948 County Councillor for Hampshire 1915-1948
Guy Victor, Hon. 26 FEB 1873-15 SEP 1916 M.P. for Winchester 1906-1916 Coldstream Guards Reserve
Lilian Theresa Clare, Hon. 28 MAY 1874-15 NOV 1962
Caryl Digby, Hon. 13 JAN 1880-12 JUL 1956 fought in Boer War and WW1
Dorothy Mary, Hon. 28 SEP 1885-11 APR 1893
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