Joseph   Willing
1645- 6 sons + 1 daughter in all
  Charles   Harrison
1645- of Lichfield, Staffs
  Edward   Shippen
1639-1712 or b. 5 March 1638/39 in Methley, Yorkshire. left England in 1675 & made a fortune in Philadelphia. 2nd Mayor 1701-1703 Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in 1699.
  Thomas   Grosse of Boston
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
        Elizabeth   Plower
Blanche   Mayne
1641- C.P. Keith, 'The Provincial Councillors of Pennsvlvania' (1883; rep. 1997), pp. 89-90 gave her name as Dorothy, dau. of Simon Mayne the Regicide but more recent evidence supports the line given here. See
Elizabeth   Lybrand
Elizabeth   Phillips

William I   Byrd
b. 1652
d. 12 APR 1704 came to Virginia in the late 1660s served many years on the council of the Virginia House of Burgesses 1 son & 3 daughters
m. Maria   Horsmanden   m.   Thomas   Willing
b. 16 JAN 1679
d. 3 FEB 1759 other wife Ava Lowle? Or mother is Anne Lowle b. in Tockington, Gloucestershire.
m. Anne   Harrison
b. 1684
d. 11 SEP 1747
Joseph   Shippen
b. 28 FEB 1677
d. JUN 1741
m. Abigail   Grosse
b. 25 OCT 1677
d. 28 JUN 1716
William II   Byrd
b. 28 MAR 1674
d. 26 AUG 1744 educated at Felsted School, England, for the law. lived Westover Plantation in Charles City Co., Virginia, and gathered the most valuable library in the Virginia Colony, numbering some 4000 books. He
m.   Charles   Willing
b. 18 MAY 1710 Bristol
d. 30 NOV 1754 or in 1758? of Philadelphia, Mayor 1748-9 & 1754 11 children in all
m. Anne "Nancy"   Shippen
b. 5 AUG 1710 Philadelphia Philadelphia
d. 1791 Philadelphia Philadelphia
wife &

  William III Byrd
b. 6 SEP 1728
d. 1 JAN 1777 or 2nd or 2nd
Col. squandered the Byrd fortune on gambling and bad investments. Committed suicide. 1756 Colonel of the 2nd Virginian regiment -
G6, ID=2773
Mary Willing
b. 10 SEP 1740
d. MAR 1814
of Westover Plantation, Charles City Co., Virginia . Their descendants include the Harrisons of James River and Pages of Winchester, VA
G6, ID=2772
Thomas 1731-1821 /Had 12 children in all. Went to school in Bath, studied law in London at the Inner Temple. Mayor of Philadelphia 1763-4. Delegate to the Continental Congress. Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. President of the Bank of North Am
Anne "Nancy" 1733-
Dorothy 1735-1782
Charles 1738-1788
Elizabeth 1742-
Richard 1744-
Abigail 1747-
Joseph 1749-
James 1750-1806
Margaret "Peggy" 1753-
Richard Willing Jane Dorothy Charles Willing William Boyd Anne Willing Abby Charles Willing Evelyn Taylor Maria Horsmanden

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