Robert de, Lord   Clavering
1247-1310 or Robert FitzRoger, 1st Lord FitzRoger. 5th Baron Warkworth & Clavering
  James de   Audley   Edmond Lord   Mortimer   Henry de   Percy            
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
  Margaret   La Zouche
Ela   Longespee Margaret   de Fienes cousin of Queen Eleanor of Castile Eleanor   de Warenne      

Ralph, 1st Lord   Neville
d. 18 APR 1331 or Ranulf, 1st Lord Neville, of Raby
m. Euphemia de   Clavering
b. ABT 1266
d. ABT 1320 or Euphemia FitzRobert
Hugh I, Lord   Audley
b. ABT 1250
d. 1325 youngest son
m. Isolt   Mortimer Henry 1st Lord   Percy m. Eleanor   FitzAlan dau of John FitzAlan Robert, 1st Lord   Clifford m.  
Ralph, 2nd Lord   Neville
b. 1291
d. 5 AUG 1367 Durham 2nd Baron Neville of Raby. Commanded the English forces that defeated the Scots in the Battle of Nevill's Cross on 17 Oct 1346.,_2nd_Baron_Neville_de_Raby
m. Alice   Audley Henry 2nd Lord   Percy m. Idonea   Clifford
wife &

Ralph de, Sir 1332-1380
John 3rd Lord Neville
G21, ID=1371
Maude Percy
G21, ID=1370
Henry, 3rd Lord -1368
Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmorland
d. 21 OCT 1425 m. 1st Margaret de Stafford, 1382, dau. of Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford and Philippa de Beauchamp. 9 children by her.,_1st_Earl_of_Westmorland
Lady Margaret Stafford Children: Lady Maud Neville b. b 1384, d. Oct 1438 Lady Alice Neville+ b. c 1384 Lady Philippe Neville John de Neville, Lord Neville+ b. b 1387, d. b 20 May 1420 Sir Ralph de Neville, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland+ b. c 1392, d. 25 Feb 1458 Lady Elizabeth Neville b. b 1393 Lady Anne de Neville b. b 1394 Lady Margaret Neville+ b. b 1395, d. bt 4 Mar 1464 - 3 Mar 1465 Lady Anastasia Neville b. b 1396
Joan, Lady Beaufort
b. 29 JAN 1374 or 1375 or c. 1379, Beaufort Castle, Anjou
d. 13 NOV 1440 Howden, Yorks Children: Lady Katherine Neville+ b. c 1397, d. a 1483 Lady Eleanor de Neville+ b. c 1397, d. 1472 Sir Richard de Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury+ b. 1400, d. 31 Dec 1460 Robert de Neville b. c 1404, d. 8 Jul 1457 or 9 Jul 1457 Sir William de Neville, 1st and last Earl of Kent+ b. b 1412, d. 9 Jan 1462/63 Sir Edward Neville, 1st Lord Abergavenny+ b. b 1414, d. 18 Oct 1476 Lady Anne Neville+ b. b 1414, d. 20 Sep 1480 Lady Cecily Neville+ b. 3 May 1415, d. 31 May 1495 George Neville, 1st Lord Latimer+ b. b 1416, d. 30 Dec 1469 John Neville b. b 1425 Cuthbert de Neville b. b 1425 Thomas de Neville b. b 1425 Henry de Neville b. b 1425 Joan Neville b. b 1425,_Countess_of_Westmoreland

Phillipa BEF 1385-ABT 1455
Ralph ABT 1392-25 FEB 1458 2nd son 2nd Earl of Westmoreland other child: Mary Neville b. c 1414
Eleanor, Lady ABT 1397-1472
Richard, 5th Earl of Salisbury ABT 1400-1460 3rd son (and tenth child).,_5th_Earl_of_Salisbury
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