Robert de, 6th Earl of Derby   Ferrers
1239-1279 rebelled against King Henry III and seized three of Prince Edward's castles in 1263. Imprisoned and lands and earldom forfeited. married first c. 1249 Mary, the King's niece and daughter of Hugue XI, Count of La Marche and Angouleme, but had no male issue. for 7 earlier generations see
  Sir Robert   de Muscegros
              Richard Earl of Arundel   FitzAlan        
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Eleanor   de Bohun
1225-1312 dau. of Humphrey de Bohun, b. bef 1208 in Hungerford, Essex, d. 24 Sep 1275 and Maud de Lusignan, b. about 1208 in La Marche, Poictou, France, d. 12 Aug 1241. see
Agnes         Alesia   Saluzzo    

John de, Sir   Ferrers
b. 1271
d. 1312 of Chartley, Southoe and Keyston (Hunts), and Bugbrooke (Northants), apparently died of poison. Created Lord Ferrers sometime between 1297 and 1311.
m. Hawise   de Muscegros
b. 21 DEC 1276
d. ABT JUN 1340
  m.   Sir William   le Botiller m. Margaret   FitzAlan   m.  
Robert Lord   Ferrers
b. 25 MAR 1309 Chartley, Staffs Chartley, Staffs
d. 28 AUG 1350 alternatively married Aeneas de Bohun, born about 1314 in Caldecot, Northampton, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun VIII and Princess Elizabeth of England, died about 1343.
m. Aeneas   de Bohun
b. ABT 1314 Caldecot, Northampton Caldecot, Northampton
d. ABT 1343 alt. his wife was Lady Joan de la Motte, Lady of Willisham
Sir William   le Botiller m. Joan de   Sudeley or Elizabeth ?
wife &

  Sir Robert Ferrers
d. 31 DEC 1380 of Willisham, Baron
G21, ID=1354
Lady Elizabeth le Botiller
b. ABT 1345
d. 19 JUN 1410
or le Boteler, heiress of Wem & Oversley
G21, ID=1355
Sir Robert
b. ABT 1373 Willisham, Suffolk
d. 1396 of Oversley, 3rd Baron Ferrers of Wemme lived in Chartley,Stafford
Joan, Lady Beaufort
b. 29 JAN 1374 or 1375 or c. 1379, Beaufort Castle, Anjou
d. 13 NOV 1440 Howden, Yorks Children: Lady Katherine Neville+ b. c 1397, d. a 1483 Lady Eleanor de Neville+ b. c 1397, d. 1472 Sir Richard de Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury+ b. 1400, d. 31 Dec 1460 Robert de Neville b. c 1404, d. 8 Jul 1457 or 9 Jul 1457 Sir William de Neville, 1st and last Earl of Kent+ b. b 1412, d. 9 Jan 1462/63 Sir Edward Neville, 1st Lord Abergavenny+ b. b 1414, d. 18 Oct 1476 Lady Anne Neville+ b. b 1414, d. 20 Sep 1480 Lady Cecily Neville+ b. 3 May 1415, d. 31 May 1495 George Neville, 1st Lord Latimer+ b. b 1416, d. 30 Dec 1469 John Neville b. b 1425 Cuthbert de Neville b. b 1425 Thomas de Neville b. b 1425 Henry de Neville b. b 1425 Joan Neville b. b 1425,_Countess_of_Westmoreland

Elizabeth de 1393-1434 married John de Greystock, 4th Baron Greystock (1389 - 1436) on October 28, 1407 in Greystock, Cumberland and had issue.
Mary 1394-25 JAN 1457 heiress married her step-brother lived in Obersley, Warwickshire
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