Richard   Irton
1440-1490 of Irton Hall, Irton, Cumberland
  Thomas   Lamplugh of Lamplugh, Cumberland 1476 High Sheriff of Cumberland.   Peter   Middleton
1426-1499 dates from
  Edmund   Sutton Dudley
1430-1483 or Edward. of Yanwath. Died bef. his father, so his son Edward (b. c1459) become 2nd Baron Dudley. Also marr. Joyce, dau. of dau. of John Tiptoft, 1st Lord Tiptoft and Joyce de Cherleton.
  William   Stapleton
1445-1503 of Wighill, Yorks
  Lancelot, Sir   Threlkeld
1435-1483 of Threlkeld, Cumberland. 1452 Held Yanwath. other children: .Lancelot, Sir, b. ABT 1450, m. Eliza Ratcliffe Margaret, b. ABT 1459, m. Sir Christopher Moresby Anne, b. ABT 1463, m. Hugh Lowther Lancelot, Sir, b. ABT 1465 James, b. ABT 1467 Elizabeth, b. ABT 1469 Christopher, b. ABT 1471
  Roger   Aske
-1506 Lived Aske, Yorks.
  James   Strangeways
1415-1480 Lived Whorlton, Yorks. Sheriff of Yorkshire. Speaker of Parliament.
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Margaret   Broughton Eleanor   Fenwick Anne   Vavasour
1430-1524 or Katherine
Maude de   Clifford
1430-1491 Also marr. c1457 John (or Thomas) HARINGTON of Hornby (d. 1460). For her 11 children with Edmund see
Margaret   Pickering
Margaret, Baroness Clifford   Bromflete
1436-1493 Children by 1st marriage to John Clifford, Baron Clifford (1435-28Mar1461), were: Henry [Baron Clifford], Richard De Clifford, Thomas De Clifford, and Elizabeth.
Isabella   Conyers Elizabeth   Darcy

John   Irton
d. ABT 1510
m. Anne   Lamplugh
b. ABT 1436
Sir William   Middleton
d. 1552 of Stockeld. 1527 High Sheriff of Yorkshire. Also marr. Isabella DIGHTON & Joan ROBINSON.
m. Jane   Dudley
b. 1475
d. 1500 or Jane Sutton. But  says marr. 13 Nov 1508.
Bryan, Sir   Stapleton
b. 1458
d. 16 SEP 1518 of Wighill, Yorkshire
m. Jane   Threlkeld
b. ABT 1463
d. 15 JAN 1542
William   Aske
d. 1522 Lived Aske, Yorks.
m. Felicite   Strangeways
Richard   Irton
d. 1534 of Irton 1530 Sheriff of Cumberland.
m. Anne   Middleton Christopher   Stapleton
b. 1485 Wighill, Yorkshire Wighill, Yorkshire
d. AUG 1537 Wighill, Yorkshire Wighill, Yorkshire of Wighill, Yorks
m. Alice   Aske
b. 1490 Aske, Yorkshire Aske, Yorkshire
d. 16 NOV 1521 Wighill, Yorkshire Wighill, Yorkshire
wife &

  John Irton
d. 1539
G15, ID=1318
Anne Stapleton
b. 1513 Wighill, Yorkshire Wighill, Yorkshire
or Elizabeth
G15, ID=1319
Isabel 1513- children 1. Richard Lamplugh, b. 1550, d. 1591; 2. John Lamplugh, VIII, b. 1528, d. 25 Mar 1604 3. Catherine Lamplugh, b. Abt 1540, d. 1611, Workington, Cumberland 4. Christopher Lamplugh, b. 1555
b. 1535
d. 1562 dates and confirmation of ancestors from website but family document shows he married Maud AFT 1567 and d. BEF 1574
Maude Redman or Matilda. Inherited a share of the Manor of Great Orton from her first husband. Sold it (with her 3rd husband) in 1574. Also marr. Thomas Leigh (d. 1573).

Richard 1557-19 FEB 1608 of Irton, Cumberland
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