Robert, Lord   Ogle
1315-1362 2nd Baron Ogle. Married 2nd Annabella Terwhite (b. c1319) (dau. of Gilbert Terwhite) c1331 and by her had Thomas (b. 1352 - d. 1366) & Joan Ogle (m. Sir William De Swinburne c1374, children: William,
              Thomas, Sir   Grey
1299-1343 other children: 2. David of Horton, 3. Isabel 4. Ivetta
      John De, Lord   Mowbray
1310-1361 3rd Baron Mowbray
  John, Lord   Segrave
1315-1353 4th Baron Seagrave. Children: 1. Edmund de Segrave, died in the cradle. 2. Elizabeth de Segrave (1338-1368), married John de Mowbray, 4th Baron Mowbray .3. John de Segrave (13 September 1340 - 1349) 4. Anne de Segrave, Abbess of Barking
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Joan   Hepple
      Agnes De   Beyle
  Joan   Lancaster 6th & youngest daughter Margaret, Duchess of Norfolk   Brotherton
1320-1399 heiress,_Duchess_of_Norfolk

Robert   Ogle
b. ABT 1338
d. NOV 1375 Baron Bothal?
m. Helen (Ellen)   Bertram
b. ABT 1340 Baroness Bothal?
  m.   Thomas, Sir   Grey
b. 1328
d. BEF 22 OCT 1369 Children: 1. Elizabeth (b. c1354, m. c1376 Phillip 4th Baron Darcy of Knaith, d. 11 Aug 1412) 2. Sir Thomas Grey 3. Jane (b. 1361 - d. AFT 1366) 4. John (b. 1363 - d. AFT 1366) 5. Agnes (b. c1365, marr. Thomas Umfreville)
m. Margaret De   Pressene
b. ABT 1330
John, 4th Lord   Mowbray
b. 1340
d. 1368 4th Baron Mowbray. Children: 1. John, who succeeded his father to the barony. 2. Thomas 3. Eleanor, who married Roger, 3rd Baron De La Warr, 4. Margaret 'Eleanor', who married John de Welles, Baron Welles, 5. Anne, abbess of Barkyng 6. Joan, who married Sir Thomas Grey.,_4th_Baron_Mowbray
m. Elizabeth, Lady   Segrave
b. 1338 heiress
Robert, Sir   Ogle
b. ABT 1370 Ogle, Northumberland
d. 31 OCT 1410 England other children: Joan & Margery
m. Joan De   Heton
b. ABT 1389 Chillingham, Northumberland
Sir Thomas   Grey
b. 1359 Heton, Northumberland Heton, Northumberland
d. 26 NOV 1400 of Heton, Northumberland
m. Joan   Mowbray
wife &

  Sir Robert Ogle
b. ABT 21 MAY 1389 Ogle, Northumberland
d. 12 AUG 1435 or 36, England Warden of Roxborough Castle. Children: 1. Robert (1st Baron Ogle), 2. Sir John, 3. Agnes, 4. William of Choppington, 5. Jennet, 6. Anne, 7. Margery, 8. Margaret, 9. Joan, 10. Elizabeth, 11. Constanc
G18, ID=1267
Maud Grey
G18, ID=1268
b. ABT 1423 or 33, Ethal, Northumberland
d. 1488
Sir Robert Manners
b. ABT 1408 -1430, Ethal, Northumberland
d. 1461 or 62 of Etal. JP for Norhamshire in 1438, when he succeeded to the family property. Sheriff of Northumberland in 1454, and M.P. for Northumberland in 1459. Other children: John (d. 1492), Gilbert, a retain

Thomas 1446- lIGI Last of the Manners in this tree given in
Sir Robert ABT 1447-1495 MP, Admiral of England. Sheriff of Northumberland. Fought on Richard III's side at the Battle of Bosworth
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