John   Bouch       Robert   Jefferson
  Robert   Hodgson
1721- of Mosside, Holm Cultrum
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
    Mary   Messenger
1713-1801 heiress
Jane   Barwise

John   Bouch
b. ABT 1743
d. 1811
m. Ann   Foster
b. ABT 1747
d. JAN 1828
John   Jefferson
b. 1745
d. 1823 of Cunning Garth and Longmoor.
m. Mary   Hodgson
b. 1751
d. 1816
  m.     m.  
John   Bouch
b. ABT 1770
d. 8 JAN 1830 Monument Yard, London Monument Yard, London Moved from Cumberland to London. Buried in St Magnus Martyr, Lower Thames St.
m. Jane   Jefferson
b. 16 APR 1779
d. 10 JUL 1820 Monument Yard, London Monument Yard, London
James   Carey partner of Edward Browne m. Rose  
wife &

Mary Ann 1803-1889
Jane 1805-
John 1806-1806
Elizabeth 1807-1808
Eliza 1809-1819
Robert 1813-1814
Emma 1815-1816
William 1816-1820
Foster 1817-1818
Emma 1818-
Anna 1819-
Daniel 1820-
John Bouch
b. 30 MAR 1811
d. 29 MAR 1895 Bromley, Kent
Clothing wholesaler of Coombe Lea, Bickley. Head of firm of 'Manchester merchants' in 7-8 Bread St., City of London. Belonged to Fishmongers Guild. Groomy says d. in 1893.
G4, ID=12

Other wives: Margaret Lowther,
Helen Rose Carey
b. ABT 1825 London
d. ABT 1902 Bromley, Kent
was 35 when she married. After her husband died lived at Ightham and then The Limes at Keston.
G4, ID=358
Edward 1839-1888 'Uncle Ted' of Surbiton, then Shortlands and Bickley.
Ernest Reithmuller Carey
b. ABT 1866 Woodford, Essex
d. APR 1926 or May, shot himself Lived on Shortlands Hill, then at Heatherside, Keston 1900-11, then near Canterbury
Edith Hilder
Bertie Carey
b. ABT 1868 Bromley, Kent lived at Bankside, Keston 1903-1948. Keen cricketer. Worked in the family firm then with his brothers on the Stock Exchange. Lived Heathfield Cottage, Hayes after his mother died.
Mary Anderson
b. ABT 1866
b. ABT 1870 Bromley, Kent
d. 1946 'Fred' lived at Worcester Park, then (after Ella died) Southwood, Keston (next door to Westwood) 1912?-1920, then moved to Folkestone. In home guard during WW1 as Lieut. in RASC. Landscape artist. m. 2nd Theo ?, who return to live with her sisters in Aldeburgh when Fred died.
Ella Louisa A. Anton
d. 1908 Acc. to Groomy she was dau of a very rich man and had a sister Eva and a brother James Ross Anton, who worked for HSBC in HK. Allan Gray (e-mails 19 Jul 2009) says the brother is Alic Stewart Anton, b

Ernest Victor 1897- 'Victor' unmarried in 1950
Helen MAR 1901-
Christopher 1904-1942 m/ no children
Judith 1907-1947 'Judy'
Pam 1910-1989
Margot 1916-1994
Dorothy (Dot) 1900-1977 lived in Banstead (1950), moved in late 50's to Watts Farm, Watersfield, Nr Pulborough, Sussex. Childless
Phyllis JUL 1903- she and  her husband ran a 'Road House' - Le Talbooth, Gun Hill, Dedham Essex (now a very fine restaurant). Alive in 1950.
Esme Rose 15 MAR 1905-22 MAR 1976 survived the war in Hamburg. At the end of the war her husband, who had been reported missing, turned up. She got a divorce and returned to England.
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