William   Gascoigne
1350-1419 Lord Chief Justice of England (appointed 15 Nov 1400). Educ. Cambridge University. Lived in the manor of Wheldale. Also marr. Joan Pickering.
  Henry   Wymann
-1411 An eminent goldsmith, merchant and alderman of York. 1407/08 Lord Mayor of York.
      Nicholas   Montgomery
  Ralph, 1st Earl of Westmorland   Neville
-1425 m. 1st Margaret de Stafford, 1382, dau. of Hugh de Stafford, 2nd Earl of Stafford and Philippa de Beauchamp. 9 children by her.,_1st_Earl_of_Westmorland
  Sir Robert   Ferrers
1373-1396 of Oversley, 3rd Baron Ferrers of Wemme lived in Chartley,Stafford
m. m. m. m. m. m. m. m.
Elizabeth   Mowbray
Agnes   Barden   Margaret   Foljambe
Lady Margaret   Stafford Children: Lady Maud Neville b. b 1384, d. Oct 1438 Lady Alice Neville+ b. c 1384 Lady Philippe Neville John de Neville, Lord Neville+ b. b 1387, d. b 20 May 1420 Sir Ralph de Neville, 2nd Earl of Westmoreland+ b. c 1392, d. 25 Feb 1458 Lady Elizabeth Neville b. b 1393 Lady Anne de Neville b. b 1394 Lady Margaret Neville+ b. b 1395, d. bt 4 Mar 1464 - 3 Mar 1465 Lady Anastasia Neville b. b 1396 Joan, Lady   Beaufort
1374-1440 Children: Lady Katherine Neville+ b. c 1397, d. a 1483 Lady Eleanor de Neville+ b. c 1397, d. 1472 Sir Richard de Neville, 5th Earl of Salisbury+ b. 1400, d. 31 Dec 1460 Robert de Neville b. c 1404, d. 8 Jul 1457 or 9 Jul 1457 Sir William de Neville, 1st and last Earl of Kent+ b. b 1412, d. 9 Jan 1462/63 Sir Edward Neville, 1st Lord Abergavenny+ b. b 1414, d. 18 Oct 1476 Lady Anne Neville+ b. b 1414, d. 20 Sep 1480 Lady Cecily Neville+ b. 3 May 1415, d. 31 May 1495 George Neville, 1st Lord Latimer+ b. b 1416, d. 30 Dec 1469 John Neville b. b 1425 Cuthbert de Neville b. b 1425 Thomas de Neville b. b 1425 Henry de Neville b. b 1425 Joan Neville b. b 1425,_Countess_of_Westmoreland

William, Sir   Gascoigne
d. 28 MAR 1422 of Gawthorpe, Yorks
m. Joan   Wymann Thomas   Clarell
b. ABT 1364 Lived in Aldwarke
m. Matilda   Montgomery
b. ABT 1370 or Maud
Ralph   Neville
b. ABT 1392
d. 25 FEB 1458 2nd son 2nd Earl of Westmoreland other child: Mary Neville b. c 1414
m. Mary   Ferrers
b. 1394
d. 25 JAN 1457 heiress married her step-brother lived in Obersley, Warwickshire
Robert   Newmarch of Tickhill m.  
William   Gascoigne
b. 1398 Gawthorpe, Yorks
d. BEF 1466 or b. abt 1404, d. 1462
m. Margaret   Clarell
b. ABT 1404 Also marr. Robert WATERTON
Sir John   Neville
b. ABT 1416 Oversley, Warks
d. 17 MAR 1482 of Oversley, Warks & Althorp, Lincoln. Sheriff of Lincolnshire 1439 - 1440  says he was son of Ralph's brother John However he was Ralph's son acc. to
m. Elizabeth   Newmarch
b. ABT 1420
d. ABT 1502 date of will heiress
wife &

  Sir William Gascoigne
b. ABT 1439 Gawthorpe, Yorks
d. ABT 1464 or b. abt 1426, d. pre 1463. of Gawthorpe, Yorks. Sheriff of Yorkshire
G17, ID=1105
Joan Neville
b. ABT 1443 Oversley, Warks
heiress. Also marr. James HARRINGTON.
G17, ID=1104
d. 1504 or Anne
Robert Plumpton
b. 1453
d. 1523 of Plumpton, Yorks
Sir William
b. ABT 1446
d. 1486 lived in Gawthorpe, Yorks children: Agnes Gascoigne b. c 1474, d. 1504 Elizabeth Gascoigne b. b 1483, d. 1559 Anne maybe the same as Agnes Dorothy Elinor
Lady Margaret Percy
b. 1445

Anne Anne (Agnes) ABT 1474-1504
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